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Clitoral piercings

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mears Mon 01-Nov-04 18:32:26

There have been other threads about how much preparation needs to be done 'down below' with regard to hair removal/tidying up etc. The answer of course is none except for personal preference

I would like to draw attention to the above topic thread. After once again having to fiddle about removing a clitoral ring last night prior to delivery, I thought I would highlight it here. There is a risk of tearing during childbirth which can be made worse where there is a metal object! Although no-one can make women remove them it is something to think about.

Anyone had any experiences? Did you leave it in or take it out?

aloha Mon 01-Nov-04 19:19:32


aloha Mon 01-Nov-04 19:19:47

You should get paid extra for that, no doubt.

nasa Mon 01-Nov-04 19:21:03


I guess childbirth isn't anything after having had that done

LIZS Mon 01-Nov-04 19:21:15

eurgh, that goes beyond the call of duty imho

kalex Mon 01-Nov-04 19:21:33


That goes above and beyoong the call Mears, god I took out the bellybuttn ring the day I found out, and after stretch marks, it has never returned.

Surely any woman would realise that it needs to cme out prior to birth!!!

kalex Mon 01-Nov-04 19:22:29

Beyoong! Beyond

BadHair Mon 01-Nov-04 19:24:11

Friend of mine once got slightly tipsy at an Ann Summers party and insisted on showing her brand new clitoral piercing to the assembled throng.
It was not a pretty sight.

gottaCODon Mon 01-Nov-04 19:24:52

I woudl say oi you dirty mare take that out yourself

nasa Mon 01-Nov-04 19:25:03

slightly tipsy??!! god, what does she do when she's really pissed

mears Tue 02-Nov-04 01:39:14

LOL. I thought someone would have experience. I thought about asking her DP to take it out but decided that would be too embarrassing for me (her piercing not his!)

mieow Tue 02-Nov-04 06:57:45

eeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! need a feeling sick emotion

spook Tue 02-Nov-04 07:08:28

OMIGOD!!! How completely totally disgusting Mears. Although it has really really made me laugh. I think it's the reaction of everyone else. That is just so gross. What if she had got AROUSED???????!!!!
OK-unlikely during childbirth I grant you....

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 02-Nov-04 09:06:39

crikey, I've led a sheltered adulthood . There was a man on the radio yesterday who said he had a bar through his banjo string. I cant for the life of me work out what that is, although it is obviously down below somewhere.

Ghosty Tue 02-Nov-04 09:11:12

That is just too much for me ... I need to go and have a lie down to get over the shock ... I wouldn't do that if you paid me ...
Mears you are an amazing person ....

Ghosty Tue 02-Nov-04 09:12:00

Puff ... am PMSL ... what on earth does that mean???

zephyrcat Tue 02-Nov-04 09:16:47

Banjo string = frenulum PMSL!!!!!

JoolsToo Tue 02-Nov-04 09:19:01

yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck [vomit]

mieow Tue 02-Nov-04 09:38:40

can you imagine trying to take that out yourself when pregnant??? I couldn't see there when I was pregnant, still think it eeeewwwwwwww [puke]

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 02-Nov-04 09:39:13

frenulum - still don't know what that is - must find out.

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 02-Nov-04 09:39:59

or where EXACTLY it is.

misdee Tue 02-Nov-04 09:41:04

ewwwww yuk. tho they must have been pierced by a stranger down there, so i dont think a midwife taking it out would've bothered them. but still eeeewwwwwwwww.

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 02-Nov-04 09:42:43

OMG, wish I had NOT done that search, but I do now know what a frenulum is .

mears Tue 02-Nov-04 10:43:10

So nobody on mumsnet has this adornment? LOL banjostring

zephyrcat Tue 02-Nov-04 12:15:34

I know of a few guys with the banjo string thing and a few prince alberts! No women with it done tho. You must be mad! I'd have asked the boyfriend to do it. Yuk!!!

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