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Whittington Hospital reviews needed

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zuzkah Thu 01-Nov-07 15:21:24

Hi there. Im due in two weeks and still haven't decided in which hospital to give birth. Would be glad for any info/experience about the Whittington hospital in Archway as it's the closest one for me. Thanx

sagitta Thu 01-Nov-07 15:22:18

I had a lot of friends go to the Whittington and they all said it was good. Congrats, and good luck!

FatBellyJones Thu 01-Nov-07 15:28:47

I had my two there although my youngest is now 15 years old

It was fine back then, no idea about now.

MyEye Thu 01-Nov-07 15:31:46

labour staff pretty good, which is the most important thing. Mind you I was only labouring in hosp for about 20 mins so I didn't really give them much of a workout wink
aftercare not terrific (dirty loos/showers etc but this was 2.5 yrs ago, I complained, you never know...)

zuzkah Thu 01-Nov-07 15:47:30

Sagitta - good to hear that. Thanx.
I'm with St Mary's now in Paddington which I've heard loads of good stuff about, too. The only thing is ...a bit too far from Tuffnel Park where I live now and my DH is panicking a bit in case it goes too quick.
My eye - how did you do it? I want a quickie one too I'm going on a tour on Sat so I'll chack the toilets/showers out

zuzkah Thu 01-Nov-07 15:48:22

I ment 'check'

FatBellyJones Thu 01-Nov-07 15:51:04

The children's ward showers/toilets are still a bit grubby now and that's in the new building so I wouldn't hold out too much hope it'll be much better in the maternity unit. Take heart from the fact that most likely you won't be there for more than about 12 hours post birth IIRC they just wanted to know both me and baby had wee'd and then we could go home

Good luck

sagitta Thu 01-Nov-07 15:52:22

Weirdly enough, I went to St Mary's. Labour room was excellent, which is what counts, but before and after care was v bad (sorry - but it was nearly two years ago, so maybe improved). After the birth I had to go back to pre-natal ward, which was awful for everyone.
We lived very near Tuffnel Park (mine went v slow though, so plenty of time to get there grin).

Mintpurple Thu 01-Nov-07 15:54:28

Zuzkah - if you are 38 weeks pregnant now, you are cutting it a bit fine to be looking at hospitals

Have you booked in anywhere or have you had antenatal care from your GP? I think you are probably too late now to go through the GP for a referral, but suggest you phone the hospital for an antenatal appointment this week. If you just turn up in labour unbooked, they will not turn you away, but you will likely get a bit of a frosty reception!

Mintpurple Thu 01-Nov-07 15:54:59

sorry x-posts

Mercy Thu 01-Nov-07 16:15:24

Had both of mine there. My youngest is 3½.

I have mixed feelings about the place tbh. Some of the staff were great(the midwives I had in labour were fantastic), others far less so. I had the Head Midwife present for part of ds's birth - she was very calm, quiet, matter of fact and straight to the point - that it was too late for an epidural!!

There is a separate entrance and car park for the labour ward which is good.

zuzkah Thu 01-Nov-07 16:19:37

Sagitta - what a coincidence The only thing I'm not sure about is the post natal ward rooms. Wouldn't want to end up in a room with 4-5 other mums + babies. And Whittington apparently offers Amenity rooms for 100 pounds a night with en-suite.
Fatbellyjones - thanx. I guess you don't want to stick around in a hospital for too long anyway if everything is ok.
Mintpurple - At the moment I'm with St Mary's and am happy there. It's only the distance which troubles us.
Did anyone traveled in labour in a taxi? I wonder if they take us

zuzkah Thu 01-Nov-07 16:23:54

Oh, and btw, if it goes really quick and you need to call an ambulance...they take you to your nearest hospital, right??? I hope that would thaw the frostiness?

Mercy Thu 01-Nov-07 16:26:57

We didn't have a car when I was expecting dd so we went in a taxi at about 12.30 am!

My waters had gone and was only having mild contractions then though. The taxi driver was very excited and told us all about his aunt who used to deliver babies in his home country (she wasn't a qualified midwife btw). We also got a taxi home when dd was born - with no car seat.

Mercy Thu 01-Nov-07 16:30:58

Have you been to any ante-natal classes? That's the sort of thing that is discussed.

We were told to phone the hospital for advice as soon as labour had started (or you think it has at least)

zuzkah Thu 01-Nov-07 16:33:38

Mercy ... we have a car but there's nowhere to park at StMary's and I reckon taxi is faster too. Using the bus lanes etc. Only hope our cab driver would be as excited as yours

zuzkah Thu 01-Nov-07 16:37:41

And yes, I have attended all clasess possible and think I am full of knowledge now and could lead the class on my own. (haha)
I'm just trying to have an alternative in case it's needed - re.the hospital closest to us.

Mintpurple Thu 01-Nov-07 17:23:00

Zuzkah - as for the ambulance taking you to the nearest hospital - our hospital policy if the patient is booked elsewhere is to do a quick cervix assessment before we let the ambos leave, and if the patient is not in strong labour, she is transferred back to her booking hospital.
This is a horrible thing to have to do, but I think its fairly common in central London.

buddum Thu 01-Nov-07 17:24:31

i had my 2nd baby at the whittington on oct 1st and it was great. it was a very rapid labour but they completely kicked into emergency mode and the delivery couldnt have been better. they even made me tea and toast afterwards

as for the overnight (always the worst thing about maternity wards) i had asked for a private room (i think it costs £130 or something) and they gave it to me for free grin . but, even if i had been on the ward, it was a pretty quiet and welcoming environment. and the postnatal baby check was done really quickly so i was able to go home at 11am the next day.

my first baby was born at the homerton, and th ewhittington was much calmer and quieter.....

vannah Thu 01-Nov-07 20:09:20

I had my first baby there 2 years ago and am due there again in 5 weeks time. Mixed feelings. Had v long labour, 3 midwives came and went on their shifts... some were sarcastic and I was often left on my own. But the finale was well dealt with, I had a registrar and an excellent midwife, an amazing ...dont know what theyre called the guys that resuscitate and also a v good anaethetist.

After that, v much downhill but I didnt care because I was so happy my baby was well. Was in a room with another mum, certainly wasnt given any tea though did ask.

I found the more I grovelled and acted kind to the midwives, both in labour and on post-n ward, the better I was treated. Pity it has to be that way.

good luck

meimango Thu 01-Nov-07 21:39:37

There was a documentary about different maternity wards including the Whittington earlier in the year; and unfortunately it was rather scathing. Cleanliness, post natal, midwives etc.. Though one can never tell whether it was only the reporter's and the women at that time's experience + spin. I imagine the docu would have shaken things up a little there; so could be fine now. It seems most maternity wards have had bad press over the year. Even though Whittington is closest for me, i went for RFH, but after bad local press and continual poor admin there i transferred to Edgware birth centre. Very happy with care and ethos there. Though, if there are any complications will be heading back to RFH. Its right for me, but probably wouldn't be ideal for others i'm sure. Good luck with your search!

southeastastra Thu 01-Nov-07 21:41:35

fatbelly grin one year before me!

yes it was fine in 1993

ScottishMummy Thu 01-Nov-07 21:49:57

zuzkah - congratulations on your pg and impending baby.fwiw, the Whittington has received mixed press and was featured in dispatches C4 undercover prog. the thing is lots of people will offer diff opinions. dont you fancy St Marys simply because you have had antenatal care there? it is a common 1st mum anxiety that bay will arive so quickly that you will not be able to manange journey, before baby arrives. in reality 1st babies are generally not that swiftwink

essentially up to you. maybe make a list weigh up your options

MarsLady Fri 02-Nov-07 02:11:40

I love the Whittington. Lots of my clients have babies there. After care isn't good at many (if any) hospitals.

zuzkah Fri 02-Nov-07 09:34:36

Mintpurple - It sounds like you are working in a hospital? I haven't heard about this policy yet. I was worried that they would take you to your nearest hospital no matter what. It's good to know, thanx!
Scottishmummy-I'm happy with St Mary's. And Im not the one panicking. I hope I'll have time to bake a cake when the labour starts just to take my mind of the pain It's my DH who is worried that we wont have time to get to the hospital in time so Im looking for alternatives 'just in case' the baby will shoot out of me as he is imagining.
Marslady - Thanx for the reassurance.
I guess different person different opinion.

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