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Irregular cycles after childbirth

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hismama Tue 12-Jan-21 08:57:29

Hi everyone,

I'm currently almost six months postpartum.

My baby boy has been exclusively formula fed since 3 months (mixed feeding before that).

My periods returned 8 weeks after birth, but my cycles have been quite irregular.

First cycle: 39 days
Second cycle: 32 days
Third cycle: 24 days

I'm quite worried about this, as we'd like to have a second child and I wonder if this is normal.

Is anyone else experiencing this /has any advice?

Thanks xx

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F1011 Tue 12-Jan-21 09:50:47

Absolutely normal don’t be worried at all

hismama Tue 12-Jan-21 11:18:52

Thanks, I was a bit concerned as I'm formula feeding now and I thought with formula feeding your cycles should be regular?

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BeautyAndTheBump1 Tue 12-Jan-21 22:57:36

Ive been formula feeding since day 1 and my cycles have been irregular too! 7 month PP

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