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Obese and ELCS recovery

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Worriedandabitscared Thu 24-Dec-20 01:14:27

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice, Has any ladies with a bmi over 30 had a c section (I'm sure there is and I'm asking a stupid question), if so, what was your recovery like? I'm not sure how weight would affect recovery but when you're reading recovery stories on here you don't know what health the lady is in so I just wanted to know specifically what it's like for women whose a little bit bigger like myself.

Just a bit worried.

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Worriedandabitscared Thu 24-Dec-20 10:53:30


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MariaDingbat Fri 25-Dec-20 01:53:51

I had a BMI of 35 and was a size 20 when I got pregnant in march. I put on 10lbs on pregnancy and had an elective c-section 4 weeks ago. It has generally been fine, though because my tummy overhangs the wound I've had to be careful about making sure it's dry and that enough air gets at it. I've been using breast pads to pay the area dry dry after a shower as I didn't want to irritated it with a towel. The area below my belly button is still numb and there's an internal tingle as the feeling comes back. Plus one side had a burning pain for the first 10 days which the midwife said was the lock stitch but that's eased off too. I'm mostly recovered now other than the sensitivity below my belly button.

TrinityWaves Fri 25-Dec-20 02:01:05

I was 256lbs when I fell pregnant and actually went down to 228lbs 2 days after the birth! I'm 5ft 5.5inches, so very high BMI.

I had an ELCS, no issue at all, discharged within 24 hours, probably completely physically recovered within a week. The midwife who checked the scar on day 6 was amazed at how it looked totally healed.

When my BMI was only 23 I had an EMCS and recovery was 6 weeks, in fact the whole pregnancy was way harder, I even had pre-eclampsia which I didn't have when I was 8 years older and obese! I think it's important to remember that we don't always fit the textbook.

PodgeBod Fri 25-Dec-20 02:31:17

I've had 2, both times my wound got mildly infected but cleared up with a round of antibiotics. With my most recent ELCS I had a special dressing that had a little pump on it to draw moisture out. Apart from that my healing was absolutely fine. The spinal can be tricky to place when you are obese but they managed to do it. Good luck.

addler Fri 25-Dec-20 04:25:58

I had one two weeks ago and it was a lovely textbook operation. No problems with the spinal going in and everyone was very nice and respectful in theatre.

Also had the cool battery powered dressing that came off nicely on day 7, and since then I've kept a maternity pad over it to soak up moisture since air can't get to it because of my apron belly.

Also had the burning pain on one side, never knew what it was until now though!

Doublechins Fri 25-Dec-20 05:17:47

I've had two. Only issue after was because my stomach has an overhang so wore a sanitary towel pressed against the scar until it healed to try and keep it dry. Was pain free from about day 4 with both but did get an infection in the scar after the second which was way more painful than the actual scar itself.

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