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Twins born at 28 weeks

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Haribosmum Sat 20-Oct-07 20:20:54

A family friends daughter in law gave birth to twins at just 28 weeks last week. They are 2.4lbs and 2.6lbs. What are the chances of survival? I thought it was pretty good these days providing they don't get an infection or similar nasty sad

andiem Sat 20-Oct-07 20:38:33

they are a good weight so as you say if they don't get an infection and they are breathing on their own they should be ok

BetsyBoop Sun 21-Oct-07 05:03:42

at that gestation survival rates are 90+%, so the outlook is very good, fingers crossed.

Santasmissyontheside Sun 21-Oct-07 08:12:58

Gosh how tiny they must be. Well congratulations to the new parents. Finger crossed for speedy recovery

Klaw Sun 21-Oct-07 11:26:44

I think that the chances are very good! My neighbours sister had twins very early last year. They are bruisers now!

babyjamas Sun 21-Oct-07 13:32:59

dd2 was born at 27 weeks 18 months ago - 10 weeks in SCBU, not an easy time but now she's fine - all other 27 weekers in with her came out fine as well.

spugs Sun 21-Oct-07 13:37:19

the survival rate goes up a lot after about 25 weeks. plus they sound like there good weights. congrats to your friend and i hope everything goes well x

Haribosmum Sun 21-Oct-07 20:30:53

Oh that is so good to hear! I'm really hoping they will be ok. Yeah they must be so tidgey!!! I'm waiting for an update from my Mum so fingers crossed for good news! It's amazing that they have such a high rate of survival . Mum was in the hospital from the beginning of labour so I'm assuming they pumped her full of steriods to help their lungs mature. They're in the best place, that's for sure!

skidaddle Mon 22-Oct-07 11:39:36

yes I know of twins born at 28 weeks. they are now coming up for 2 and are doing brilliantly. They took a bit longer to sit/walk etc but are both healthy happy little boys. Congratulations to your friend and I'm sure they will be fine smile

mymatemax Tue 23-Oct-07 19:06:27

ds2 was born at 28wks the survival rate is around 80-90% I believe. I'm not sure if the figures are different for twins?
They are good weights fro twins of that gestation.
Congratulations & best wishes to your friends

nappyaddict Thu 18-Sep-08 12:28:12

bumping for a friend

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