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whoeverthrewthatpaperyamomsaho Thu 12-Nov-20 08:22:12

What type of sanitary pads do I need to take to the hospital

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Notthissticky Thu 12-Nov-20 08:23:24

Normal maternity pads to be on the safe side. Regular nighttime ones might also be OK

whoeverthrewthatpaperyamomsaho Thu 12-Nov-20 08:25:44

Thankss How many packs do you think I'd need to take with me

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Chanel05 Thu 12-Nov-20 08:42:17

Definitely maternity pads. It really depends on how long you stay for; I was in for 4 days after birth and probably went through 6 packets.

whoeverthrewthatpaperyamomsaho Thu 12-Nov-20 08:54:21

@Chanel05 thank you smile x

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JanetPudding Thu 12-Nov-20 09:01:20

Boots maternity pads are great and often on 3 for 2. I took two packs with me - 2nd time I didn't open the second pack.

Chanel05 Thu 12-Nov-20 10:33:28

Also, double up on them in your pants. I had two side by side at all times!

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