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Problems after birth with relationship

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Tink191087 Wed 21-Oct-20 14:00:58

Hi everyone, this is the first post I’ve ever done so sorry if it’s not quite right. I am a mum to 6 beautiful boys and a gorgeous baby girl. I had her 8 months ago. Since I’ve had her my partner complains that my vagina is loose and can make me feel ashamed which has put a lot of pressure on our relationship! Has anyone else had this and what can I do to sort it without surgery. Thanks

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premiumKale Wed 21-Oct-20 14:02:18

I’d tell him I was concerned maybe his penis had actually shrunk to match his compassion and respect for the woman who has given birth to his child

ImaSababa Wed 21-Oct-20 15:31:38

You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Your body has produced seven amazing children. If your partner doesn't understand that, he doesn't deserve you.

Some men are absolute douchebags.

Tink191087 Wed 21-Oct-20 15:34:35

Thankyou both so much I just find that I’m constantly hating my body! I’ve tried googling all sorts of things but it all boils back down to money.

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Sunnydaysstillhere Wed 21-Oct-20 15:37:16

I have had more dc than you op and my dh assures me it is more than acceptable down there..
Maybe you need a new man not a new fanjo...

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