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Help please

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Lily189 Tue 13-Oct-20 16:55:47

I had my baby boy 14 days ago by emergency c section
My bleeding hasnt been bad and 2 days ago it got really light and this morning it was gone I went for a nap and when I woke up I have bright red bleeding again like a period
I have been put on antibiotics today for an infection in my incision

Was just wanting to know could the infection be causing the bleeding to pick up again ?
Anyone else had this happen midwife asked me had my bleeding not begun to stop when I said what happened she dosnt seem concerned

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Crinkleypeach Tue 13-Oct-20 21:08:05

Hi there I am by no means a professional and I would advise you to seek medical advice if your really still feeling very worried tomorrow. I can only offer up my experience from my c section. Warning I expect there will be TMI for some! But I didn't want you to feel like your the only one.

After having my c section I did bleed alot and very heavy for the first 3 days, I was put on antibiotics for an infection in the incision my bleeding slowed up and was becoming less and less but I did bleed daily (enough for me to continue with pads and then liners) for a good 3 1/2 weeks. Some people may recover and bleeding stop before others maybe some go on longer. Everybody is different but I didn't have any pain so I just spoke to my HV and she went through symptoms with me week by week as in was I feeling unwell, dizzy, sick, in pain etc and basically told me it would stop when it's ready. Which at the time I didn't find very helpful but I took it on good advice that she has seen hundreds of women after c sections. A friend of mine has recently had her 2nd c section and she has been bleeding for a couple of weeks. But please if you are worried or you want professional advice call your gp, even if they just speak to you over the phone at least you can talk through your concerns. Xx and congratulations flowers

LJC1234 Tue 13-Oct-20 21:09:15

After my C section the bleeding was stop start for about 4 weeks but I would five midwife / HV or doctor a call if your worried

LJC1234 Tue 13-Oct-20 21:09:37

I meant to say give obviously !

Merename Tue 13-Oct-20 21:10:32

I remember being a bit concerned with the stop startness of post birth bleeding and was told it could relate to having done too much, and this made sense, it happened on days I’d been out walking for the first time, etc. But defo get checked out if you’re worried to put your mind at ease.

guineapig1 Tue 13-Oct-20 21:13:11

Do speak with your midwife again if you’re concerned and you should still have 24 hour phone access to the post-natal ward at the moment. To echo others though I think it is pretty usual to have on-off bleeding for several weeks post birth. I certainly did.

FreeAcorns Tue 13-Oct-20 21:14:27

I had a similar experience! My bleeding was heavy for the first 48 hours, then almost weirdly light, then much heavier around 2 weeks which really freaked me out and also coincided with a mild infection in my incision. The midwife said it was probably more caused by doing more than the infection. I'd recommend putting your feet up tomorrow and seeing if that helps. The bleeding generally was stop start for 6 weeks with the odd gush of bright red blood that would always slightly concern me but actually everything was fine.

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