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Kensington Wing - natural birth

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Danadana2211 Mon 01-Mar-21 20:40:19

Hi ladies,

I just had my baby in KW and I thought I will share my experience. I booked under midwifery led care initially, my labour was induced as I went pass my due date. I made good progress initially but then i didnt progress beyond 9cm and my baby was not happy. So then I was transferred to a consultant led care and Dr Angela Yulia was my consultant. I must say that she is just so amazing and I cannot thank her enough for her care she provided. From the moment she took over, she is very calm and gave me her honest opinion, she is very safe and knowledgable. She is very down to earth and easygoing. I think she only started private practice recently. She also cared for my friends in the NHS when they need fetal medicine opinion and they love her.

So I think if you are low risk, you can book under midwife led care and you will get a consultant assigned to you in case you have problem. Very nice staff in KW and nice big room. Will definitely coming back for no 2 there. All the best 👍

Tobebythesea Thu 18-Feb-21 17:03:05

It’s a bit late to be responding to your post but I’ve had two natural births at the Kensington and never had to have a sweep.

Katyms30 Fri 16-Oct-20 20:13:25

The consultant will respect your wishes assuming there are no issues with the labor! The midwife will look after you until the consultant arrives and then at that point the consultant runs the show and calls the shots (assuming you don’t arrive hours before the baby says hello). The consultant will be the one delivering your baby (in which ever way necessary).
Re. the breastfeeding, I wouldn’t count on the midwives in the Kensington wing. While they are lovely I wouldn’t say it’s their forte. I had better luck with the nhs midwives who come to your house when you get home. They take the time to make sure the baby is latching and feeding well.

Coronet08 Fri 16-Oct-20 18:20:19

Oh @Katyms30, any experience of breastfeeding support? Are they good (midwives, also someone mentioned bf consultant Mon-Fri?)

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Coronet08 Fri 16-Oct-20 18:19:21

Thank you @Katyms30! Sounds very positive, epidural availability is the one thing that swayed the decision. In times like these peace of mind is key. Hoping to stay at home for some of labour as familiar environment helps. But love the fact you can check in to the room, go out of hospital again and come back when labour progresses! smile
I am consultant led, yes, and wasn't sure if having a consultant present could lead to intervention or are they likely to leave me alone if all is well smile i know consultants are really good at fixing things, and midwives are more likely to observe.

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Katyms30 Fri 16-Oct-20 17:18:20

I had 2 natural births at the Kensington wing both consultant led and was very pleased. If you have a birthing plan and make sure your partner is aware of what it is all should go well! It’s lucky dip on which midwives are on duty during your labour but your consultant will be there and take over from the midwife when he/ she arrives.
Benefits of private vs NhS:
You will get an epidural when you want it (won’t have to beg for it)
Won’t be sent home if you arrive too early
Can stay more than 1 night in hospital even if baby is healthy
KW has a nursery (not sure during COVId)
If you are consultant led he/ she will run the show vs a midwife

Good luck!

Coronet08 Sat 10-Oct-20 11:30:09

I should note by natural I mean vaginal not painkiller free!

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Coronet08 Sat 10-Oct-20 11:28:45

Looking for natural birth experiences at Kensington Wing (private wing within Chelsea & Westminster hospital). I have signed up early on in my pregnancy, so not likely to pull out, but found the midwives and consultants a bit old school, insisting on sweeps and (this is consultant specific) not very reassuring in woman's ability to birth naturally.
What was your experience if you planned or had a natural birth there?
Of course, things could change in the process, and there is a niche for medical intervention, but the encouragement and the birthing environment can actually affect the labour progress (a sort of self fulfilling prophecy!)
I have a feeling a lot of anxious parents end up at KW wanting an elective c section or following a traumatic previous experience, or just extra reassurance from consultant etc. So that's what they are used to.

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