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Slow labour - anyone else experienced or experiencing the same?

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Sardi28 Sun 04-Oct-20 13:56:47

I'm fed up girls

Been in slow labour since Fri and early hours this morning really thought I was getting somewhere with contractions happening each 6 minutes.

Then it's all slowed down. To one an hour ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ™„

I've had a lot of bloody show today, which I've spoken to midwife about.

Is anyone else going through the same at the moment or been through this.

How long until you were in active labour?

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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lockdownpregnancy Sun 04-Oct-20 15:01:31

Hi @Sardi28
I had my DS a couple of weeks ago. My waters broke 6.30am on the Sunday and I was induced at 5am Monday morning. Started getting contractions 5pm on the Monday then they stopped.
Started again at 2am and was only 2cm dilated but all of my waters had practically gone.
Took me to delivery suit 7am Tuesday morning and broke the rest of my waters and put me on a drip.
I ended up having a C Section at 10pm that evening and had my son at 10.41pm as I had stopped dilating at 6cm as baby was back to back and was stuck.
From start to finish it was 61 hours. I honestly and truly feel your pain!
I'm the only saving grace was he was worth every minute of it!
I wish you all the best! ๐Ÿ’

BeautyAndTheBump1 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:10:31

It sucks, but you've got to think at least something is happening.

I had contractions every 5 minutes for 36 hours, they never stopped or got further apart, and they never got closer together either, just got stronger. DS was also back to back and within 30 hours I'd only gone to 2cm. But then at the 36th hour I went into hospital and was 10cm and baby was born within 20 minutes, a tiny tear & grazing and no complications at all.

I read so many horror stories whilst in labour that all seemed to end in forceps or c-sections and traumatizing labours.

Good luck, lots of baths and breathing helped me.

Sunflowertall Sun 04-Oct-20 15:18:15

Had a slow labour. Started early one Tuesday and DD wasn't born till saturday afternoon. Try to move about, walk, sit in the birthing ball etc. Good chance to practise those lovely long slow breaths

BiBabbles Sun 04-Oct-20 15:33:28

I had similar with DD1, my longest labour. Contractions never got closer than 7 minutes apart during the first stage and more often 15 minutes or more. I spent a lot of time alternating walking around and sitting on a birth ball with laying on my side with heating pads on my lower back and/or public bone getting tiny bits of rest. It got the point I can't remember how long I was in there even though I spent a lot of time looking at that old clock.

However, once I got the urge to push, everything went very quickly - had to breathe through a few as it was thought the cord was around her neck, but she was actually hugging herself around the neck with her elbows pointing out. A bit of arm rearrangement there and the sweet relief of the rest of her coming out smoothly. No tears or issues at all, not even with the placenta (all her siblings placentas had problems).

Hoping as good a result for you and your little one, as well and as soon as possible.

DramaAlpaca Sun 04-Oct-20 15:38:54

I had this with my second DS. Started niggling on Friday but the little blighter wasn't born until the early hours of Tuesday. It took about 12 hours once contractions started properly on Monday afternoon. He was five days late, which I wasn't expecting as DS1 was five days early.

DS2 is a young adult now and still always late for everything grin

Sardi28 Sun 04-Oct-20 16:20:03

Thank you all
These little ones will only come when they're ready won't they. I think this morning I just felt like all the pain was for nothing, but like you said something is happening.

I'm trying to move about and potter around the house a bit. My husband is being brill. but the pain isn't as intense when I'm moving. The thing is I then feel like they've stopped and I don't want them to I want to get going! Haha
So I'm lying down on my side and going to get on the ball.

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withallmylove Mon 19-Oct-20 09:09:32

So glad I found this thread! Just posted something of the same asking for tips on how to get things moving faster. Been having contractions for 33 hours so far and not getting anywhere! So good to read some stories of others experiences

Sardi28 Mon 19-Oct-20 20:15:12

I had my Daughter 20 hours after I posted this! 2 weeks old now x

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