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Queen Charlotte's Stanley Clayton Ward or St Thomas's Westminster suite?

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london89 Sun 13-Sep-20 21:29:39


I'm due next February 2021 and am considering a private birth at either Queen Charlotte's Stanley Clayton Ward or St Thomas's Westminster suite.

Can anyone share any experiences or recommendations on either of them?

I live equidistant from the two and have heard good things about each and would really appreciate some feedback so I can make a decision.

Thanks! smile

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cgirl16 Sun 20-Sep-20 08:06:06

Hello, I’ve had a private (midwifery led) delivery at Stanley Clayton in 2018 - currently pregnant again and hoping to return there. I loved the experience, the team was fantastic and I had a wonderful birth experience. Very different to my first experience within the NHS at UCL. No experience of St Thomas’ but I’d definitely recommend SC.

london89 Sun 20-Sep-20 10:43:25

Hi cgirl16,

Thank you for your response, it’s my first post on mumsnet & I was getting a little disheartened when no one had replied until you did! smile

That’s great to hear you loved the experience and the team were fantastic, it’s very reassuring.

I’m currently at UCLH and I’m getting concerned by the lack of continuity of midwives and also uncertainty re. covid hence why we’re exploring private so really appreciate your feedback.

How far along in your pregnancy are you?

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cgirl16 Sun 20-Sep-20 11:16:28

Yes - I got very sick of never seeing the same midwife twice at UCLH! And turning up for a 9am appt and not being seen til 11. I’ve heard from friends that they’ve become a lot more popular recently as so many of the rooms have been redone so a victim of their own success! I’m 11 weeks - last time I Transferred to SC at 20 weeks but I’ll hopefully go all the way through this time. There are only three midwives on the team so you really get to know them all!

london89 Sun 20-Sep-20 13:24:57

So far we've not had any issues with time delays of our apps (yet!) at UCLH but their admin in the run up to my initial booking app was shockingly bad and rather off putting!

Congrats on the 11 weeks, hope it all goes well and thanks for the feedback!

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cgirl16 Mon 21-Sep-20 06:53:37

You too - hope all goes well whatever you decide!

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