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Pelvic organ prolapse?! Possible TMI!

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Randomname85 Sat 12-Sep-20 12:44:02

Posting here all the time at the moment!

3 weeks ago I had quite a horrendous labour. 1 hour of pushing to discover baby was in a bad position - failed forceps (episiotomy) and vacuum and eventual emergency section. I had the usual 10 days of feeling rough and then a good few days of feeling almost 100%. Now I feel very tender and when I urinate the only thing I can describe is it feels like my bladder is dropping low into my groin 😬 plus unusual UTI discomfort. I don’t know how else to explain it. From what I’ve looked up it could be a minor prolapse - I say minor because it’s not all the time just when I go to the toilet and you can’t actually see anything there.

Has anyone had this at all? I also have loads and loads of discharge. Will be calling the doctor on Monday.

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Randomname85 Sat 12-Sep-20 14:40:36


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Maharanaina Sun 13-Sep-20 02:47:40

Message withdrawn - posted on wrong thread.

Harinboat Sun 13-Sep-20 20:11:19

Ooooo I feel for you, sounds like a tough birth and recovery.

I gave birth 6 weeks ago and had a session with a pelvic floor physio last week (which was veryyyy helpful). I learnt it can take 6 weeks + for your organs to re-rearrange themselves - my bladder which I feel like I can feel at the opening of my vagina is still in ‘pregnancy‘ position but as my pelvis closes (still wide open) apparently most things should sort themselves out. (Can be 4 months plus if breastfeeding) I would def contact your doctor though if you feel heaviness, I know from instrumental births your risk is higher - but hopefully your body is still repairing itself!.

Let me know how you get on! - if your in London and want the name of amazing pelvic physio let me know. (They do a thorough check just FYI). 💐

soundsystem Sun 13-Sep-20 20:16:08

@Harinboat would you mind sending me the details of your amazing London physio?

OP sorry to hijack your thread! I don't have any advice, though I have similar symptoms. Sorry to hear how tough your birth was, and congrats on your little one.

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