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First period after childbirth...REALLY heavy

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BeautyAndTheBump1 Wed 02-Sep-20 20:47:55

Not sure exactly where to post this, so hopefully some post-childbirth ladies can help.
I've came on my first period since childbirth (I am 12 weeks pp)
Yesterday was a medium flow, but today...jesus. It's like I've just given birth again it is literally pouring from me (sorry!) I have been having to change my pad every hour cus it's just filling it!!
I'm sat in the bath and it is literally tinged red. Is this normal for it to be this heavy?! I feel like I need maternity pads all over again, I did not expect this!!

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MirrorSignalManoeuvre Thu 03-Sep-20 17:00:08

I'm 12 weeks PP today and got my first period at the weekend. For me, it started with light spotting on Friday, heavy flow on Saturday (nowhere near what you're describing though) and started trailing off from there.

I'm sure everyone is different but if that amount of blood loss continues over the next 24hrs I'd maybe give your health visitor/GP a call just to check.

Lockdownseperation Thu 03-Sep-20 17:01:54

Normal for it be heavier after a baby but that sounds too much. Anyone filling a pad in an hour needs to seen. I would ring 111.

scaryfrogfish Thu 03-Sep-20 17:03:27

I had this too - it was like when the lift doors open in The Shining and blood just pours down the corridor.

Give it a couple of days, rest a lot, and consider some vitamin pills with iron if you tend towards anaemia.

Sending best wishes.

sarahc336 Thu 03-Sep-20 21:31:45

My first period after my baby was quite possibly the worst period of my life and inthink it can be heavier than normal confused however do you feel better all periods after that first one seemed more normal for me xx

secretllama Fri 04-Sep-20 16:07:56

I've had 2 since giving birth and both have been soooo heavy, like scared to go out heavy. Im really hoing it calms down sad

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