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I need some brutal honesty about induction please...

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MotherofKitties Fri 28-Aug-20 07:02:16

Due to be induced tomorrow morning, had a sweep on Wednesday and I'm nearly 2cm dilated with a very soft and 'favourable' cervix. MW said they'd probably skip the pessary and go straight to breaking my waters. My first LO arrived very fast with no intervention and waters broke naturally, so I've no experience of induction before and this is what I want genuine honesty over;

1. Does having your waters broken hurt? Just so I can prepare myself, and

2. Does having your waters broken make you poop?! Before I went into labour first time round I had a natural 'clear out' before contractions started; does this happen with induction? As in if having your waters broken triggers labour and contractions will/does your body then clear out as a result? Again, I'd like to know so I can mentally prepare myself in case there is a genuine risk of pooping in front of others blush

I know no one who has had an induction to ask in real life about this so your honesty would be greatly appreciated!

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AlmondsAndChocolate Fri 28-Aug-20 07:30:19

Ok, I'm going to be honest!
I had an induction with my first and they broke my waters once the contractions were regular. I went into labour spontaneously with my second and again, they broke my waters when I was having regular contractions. It doesn't hurt when they open the membranes (they used a small hook to make a hole in them, they then burst like a balloon) but the contractions ramped up after that and were extremely (nearly unbearably) painful within a couple of minutes. I would never consent to having my waters broken again. A pessary, yes.
However, perhaps it would have been exactly the same if they had broken spontaneously?

I can't answer the second question because I was on magnesium before my first induction, which has a laxative effect on me.

Si1ver Fri 28-Aug-20 07:34:30

Honestly every induction is different. I had my waters broken after a pessary and before a drip and still ended up with a C-section.

The pessary was horrible, it hurt going in and coming out and I hated it. It also didn't work for me but then nothing did.

The water being broken, bit of a pinching feeling. They use a crochet hook type thing. Not painful, didn't make me poop.

The drip - I'd heard it was super intense and painful but it didn't touch the sides with me. Apparently it put me in active labour with three contractions every ten minutes, but I couldn't feel a thing.

NameChange30 Fri 28-Aug-20 07:35:18

How far along are you?
What's the reason for the induction?

NoParticularPattern Fri 28-Aug-20 07:36:05

I’ll be honest too. I was similar to you and they also said about skipping the pessary, but when I went in they gave me it anyway in the hopes that it would set everything off without requiring a bed on delivery suite. Pessary went in at about 10am, nothing much happened until about 5? When I definitely felt like something crampy was happening. Ran a bath and got in, at which point my waters went. Got out of the bath much to my annoyance and got examined. 6cm and off to delivery suite. Kicked about there for a few hours and eventually given gas and air, examined and found to be 8-9cm so not far. Then got told off for pushing at which point I informed them that I couldn’t stop it 😂 and lo and behold baby was right there ready to be born. Baby born at 3am so not even 24 hours after the pessary and that was my first. I was terrified as I had heard so many horror stories and though it was definitely going to be horrific, but it really wasn’t. Good luck OP!

FippertyGibbett Fri 28-Aug-20 07:36:32

No and no.

MurderousChicken Fri 28-Aug-20 07:38:04

I was induced with my first. No less art, went straight to ARM, which didn't hurt but wasn't much fun. Nothing happened though and I then felt very pressured within a short space of time to move on to the drip (I think maybe it was 4 hours). I don't think the timeline was fully explained to me.
Anyway, I started on the drip and again, that was ramped up pretty quickly as nothing initially happened. Once contractions started it was very full on but as soon as I got on gas and air it was fine, no problem coping. From contractions starting to giving birth was just less than 2.5 hours (subsequent natural labours were also speedy) so if you do need it I'd suspect you'd also be quick.
It was fine. I had a mobile drip, remained upright throughout with remote monitoring and delivered standing up leaning over the bed. I'd absolutely insist on that if it comes to it.
What are the reasons for induction?

Kolo Fri 28-Aug-20 07:41:47

It didn't hurt (the sweep was the most painful intervention I had). I didn't poop.

Breaking my waters didn't help, though!

Iggly Fri 28-Aug-20 07:42:16

Why the induction? They can’t make you by the way.

With my second, my Labour was less obvious. I went in after my waters had broken (a trickle not gush) and I had pain free tightening. They said I was 2cm dilated but would induce the next day if I didn’t start labour. As if I’d failed some test 🤨

Anyway I went for a long walk (hours) and labour kicked in - albeit gently - then ramped up massively although I had a hard time convincing the MW I was in active labour. I had to be insistent and point out it was my second child. They took me seriously then!

Iggly Fri 28-Aug-20 07:44:23

I should add, I was exactly 40 weeks ie due date! And DD came quickly once contractions ramped up. We got to hospital and she arrived 45 mins later.

ronniemipperton Fri 28-Aug-20 07:47:15

I had the pessary at 4pm on the Friday, contractions started about 10pm and my waters went by themselves at about 11am in the Saturday. Unlike most on this thread I did poop a LOT, but it was all overnight (so before my waters had broken).

Overall my induction felt like quite a positive experience though I did have an epidural and used the top up button as much as possible. It was lovely.

elaeocarpus Fri 28-Aug-20 07:47:35

I've had two ARM inductions.

Everyone's experience differs.

First time, i was zero dilated. It took two attempts; it was excruciating, i was sobbing. They offered an epidural before the second attempt, which i turned down , second attempt they brought the consultant in- still excruciating but she got it done quickly. Drip straight away, baby three hours later 😱 that was an intense few hours and I wished I'd had that epidural!

Second time i was 2 cm dilated, i wouldn't let them near me without an epidural first so it was much better. Baby 4 hours later.

Poop, well only when pushing , not because if the ARM or drip .

littlebirdieblue Fri 28-Aug-20 07:49:12

I've had 3 inductions and 2 without, all were different. With the birth inductions I had the pessary each time, which wasn't painful just a little uncomfortable. The same with having my waters broke, but my womb tilts backwards so that probably made it more uncomfortable. But it really was not painful having either of those things done. Once your waters are broken, the contractions do come thick and fast and are much stronger than if your waters went naturally so yes they are much more painful. Gas and air was all I needed for 1 of my inductions, but he came within 15 minutes of them breaking my waters. I also pooped with this induction, but the midwife didn't make any fuss, she just cleaned it up and we carried on smile The other 2 inductions I didn't poop, but the labours were longer and I needed epidurals with both. None of the inductions were awful. So please don't worry. Good luck smile

fool11 Fri 28-Aug-20 07:50:55

My first was born after a sweep the following day, fast labour, went from 1 to 10cm in 2.5 hours.
My second, last month was even faster, had a sweep at 38w, was already 3.5cm dilated and mw thought I might give birth with an hour, told me to walk around hospital to see what happens. Nothing happensed for 2days, then woke up having contractions 7min apart, within 20min they were 3min apart, got to hospital 10min later and they were 2min apart. They checked and I was still only 3.5cm and my waters didn’t break yet , put me on monitor for half an hour, cotactions were very strong every 2min and told me to go for a walk for a bit. Only made it to the door, couldn’t walk. They checked again and said I was 4cm and whilst mw was checking she popped my waters, honestly it didn’t hurt at all, less uncomfortable than a sweep in my opinion, I just though I wet myself but it was the waters . My husband was at that point allowed in, they moved me to a different room in between contractions and within few minutes I was 5cm, I’ve asked for the epidural, the anest.came and he was getting everything ready when suddenly I was screaming that baby is coming out, they checked and I went from 5 to 10cm in a minute and head was popping out, 1contractions later, two pushes and he was out, whole labour 25min,..not delivery I planned , I really wanted the drugs as didn’t get it with my first , they didn’t give me any saying I have plenty of time so this time I kept telling them it can happen fast...the pain was brutal but at least it was over very quickly, extremely quickly. I was discharged 6h later. Good luck, hope all goes well for you.

DonLewis Fri 28-Aug-20 07:55:50

I was really worried about my induction, having had the most peaceful homebirth first time round.

It was fine! The worst part was being on the induction ward for 3 days waiting for the pessary to work! Which it sounds like you won't have to. It was great having a midwife with you the whole time. They made it very low key and it was no more painful than my other birth.

I appreciate it may not be the same for everyone, but if I had to do it again, I wouldn't mind whichever I had to have, honestly!

Ginfilledcats Fri 28-Aug-20 07:57:48

Wasn't induced but had my waters broken. Didn't feel a thing. Didn't poo either!

ByGrabtharsHammerWhatASavings Fri 28-Aug-20 07:59:52

I had my waters broken twice, the first time during my induced labour, the second time during my natural labour, and I didn't feel anything either time. Definitely didn't hurt, just a slight pulling sensation then a flood haha. And I didn't poo either, at any point, with either birth. My induced labour wasn't great I'm afraid, but I think that's more because baby was back to back.

MotherofKitties Fri 28-Aug-20 08:02:38

Thank you all for your responses!

I have very bad PGP which is the main reason for the induction, I'm on crutches and in a lot of pain, but otherwise classed as a low risk pregnancy. My first was also arrived very quickly and was very nearly born in the car (head coming out before we even got into hospital scenario) which has caused a lot of anxiety for me with this pregnancy. Several anxiety attacks about giving birth again pushed me to discuss it with my MW who referred me to a consultant, and then an induction was suggested, primarily because of the PGP but secondly to help manage my fear of giving birth again.

I've never experienced any kind of acute panic or anxiety before, and whilst my LOs birth happened very quickly and without intervention, the fear of giving birth without medical assistance has been overwhelming and has knocked me in a way I've never experienced before. Fortunately my MW and consultant have been very understanding and have referred me to the women's health psychology team to help with this, but knowing this birth WILL happen with medical assistance and in a safe place has really helped smile

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Christmas1935 Fri 28-Aug-20 08:03:33

I’ve had three great inductions, two without pessary as they don’t work for me.

Honest truth, get an epidural before they break your waters and start the drip

My labours were straightforward and well managed. But I had the epidural before they broke my waters because the vaginal examination was painful enough!

You don’t need to suffer!

ByGrabtharsHammerWhatASavings Fri 28-Aug-20 08:04:06

Don't forget that if your induction fails, then depending on what stage of pregnancy you're at and the health of yourself and your baby, you may have the option of trying again rather than proceeding straight to c section. I had 2 inductions a week apart because the first one failed. Look up the NICE guidelines on induction to know exactly what your options are. Too many women get railroaded into sections after failed inductions when other options are available. Be your own well informed advocate. Good luck.

GotOutOfBedOnTheWrongSide Fri 28-Aug-20 08:08:57

I was induced due to fears that the baby was too big hmm he was 8lb 6oz at nearly 2 weeks overdue so wasnt actually huge.

I went in on the Tuesday evening and had a pessary at about 8pm. I woke up at about 1 am feeling like I needed to poop but when i went to stand up my waters gushed everywhere and i started contracting instantly. I was 4cm by about 8am the next morning so was moved to a delivery room. Labour stopped progressing after a full day of back to back contractions so I was put on a drip and had an epidural. Baby was born via forceps delivery at 6.51 on the Thursday morning.

NameChange30 Fri 28-Aug-20 08:17:53

How far along are you?

I have PGP so I sympathise, it's awful. Have you been seeing a manual therapist (physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor)? I have an excellent osteo with experience of treating pregnant women and it helps a lot.

With a previous fast labour, it can be helpful to plan for a home birth, as it can often be safer to stay at home if there's a risk that you can't get to the hospital in time. With a home birth you get two midwives to yourself so for a low risk pregnancy it's actually very safe. Of course you can decide to go into hospital at any point. Anyway, it sounds as if you've decided on an induction, but I just wanted to point out that there's another option to consider.

I also strongly recommend hypnobirthing to reduce your anxiety, I did it in my first pregnancy and am doing it again. Lots of people recommend the online course by the Positive Birth Company, there are other courses and books too.

I don't know about you but my PGP makes it very painful for me to lie on my back. When I gave birth to DC1 the midwife insisted that I lie on my back on the bed (because we needed to monitor the baby and she had no interest in trying to help me stay comfortable while hooked up to the monitor 🙄). It was a traumatic experience for me. So pretty much my #1 priority for giving birth this time around (very close to due date for DC2) is NOT lying on my back! Anyway you might feel differently but I just thought I'd mention it in case it's a factor for you. With an induction, they will probably want continuous monitoring, you'll be hooked up to a drip, etc, and if it's painful you may want an epidural - in which case you'll need to be careful not to aggravate the PGP without realising. For example it can be helpful to actually measure the distance you can comfortably spread your knees without pain, and then write it in your birth plan so that HCPs are aware.

NameChange30 Fri 28-Aug-20 08:21:58

Wolfgirrl Fri 28-Aug-20 08:22:13

No ARM doesnt hurt, but the drip does. I didnt know before my induction that they can put the epidural in at the same time as the drip - by the time I asked for one at 6cm, it failed and there was no time for anything else. I would really encourage you to take the epidural (even if number 1 was easy!) because I have heard many ladies being induced with their 2nd/3rd surprised about how bad induced contractions are compared with natural ones. Good luck!

MotherofKitties Fri 28-Aug-20 08:52:57

@NameChange30 Thanks for the advice and the link smile

I had originally planned a home birth for that exact reason - had the home assessment and as a low risk pregnancy was given the all clear for it, but because of where I live the MWs confirmed it could easily take an hour + to get to me, which given my first birth wouldn't be quick enough and the worry about whether they would get here in time or not then made my anxiety over giving birth again worse, so actually proved counter productive and negated the point in having a home birth in the first place!

I'll be 39+5 tomorrow and as I'm 2cm and everything is looking 'favourable', given how quickly my first arrived I'm hoping once they break my waters everything will by full steam ahead, but if it isn't, knowing I'll have a midwife there and help in hand if I need it is a great reassurance

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