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painful labour

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hansnava Wed 03-Oct-07 17:21:28

can anyone give me reassurance from their second,third,forth etc labours?

when i had my dd i had a horrid labour.i didnt have contractions that started off weak then built up to strong ones.

im not explaining myself very well am i? blush

i had to go hospital for trace, while there my waters broke but had no pain. on way home from hospital they started but they were really painful and the pain was in my privates rather then belly.
when got home phoned hospital to be told "oh its to soon for u to come up as the pains have only just started", so left it couple of hours then phoned again "come up but we will probably send u home again" so went up there and they did a trace but my contractions werent showing up which i told them they wouldnt as they werent in belly. duh.
when they did internal they said i was 5cm. they offered g/a iwas sick, they offered a shot and something to stop me being ill i was sick. went on for 12hours when finally they said i could push. pushed for hour and half but her poor little head got stuck. ended up having a csection.

i'd like to try for dc2 but im a bit scared really (whimp i know). i would really like a natural birth but scared of it all happening again. is each labour very different or should i just elect to have csection?

sorry for the rantsmile

RobbiesGirl Wed 03-Oct-07 17:54:19

all pregnancies and labour are different, you should maybe try talking to your GP, they will be able to reassure you....and if you do try again, and the same thing happens, which it probably won't you could always have an epidural...if you explain to your midwife what happened last time, i'm sure they will be 100% supportive, and will offer you all the help and advice you need, don't let it take over your life, if you want another child go for it, this time round will more than likely be completely different, and there are so many options...hope this helps you a little ifany at all..

hansnava Wed 03-Oct-07 17:58:53

thanks robbies girl i did have an epidural but it seemed to wear off really quick like every 45 mins. i think i just have no tolerance for pain. like i said im a wimp lolgrin

3andnogore Wed 03-Oct-07 18:13:23's shit when they break your waters...with ms I had a wonderful labour, hardly any pain at all, and the m/w broke my waters for that last cm. and that was it...I went from calm to exorcism style head turn around...luckily he was born pretty quick after...
I don't actually think that that last hour was more painful, then with my previous labour, but that it came as a bit of a shock...

How much pain you have during labour does depend on so many things...a lot of it is influenced about your own emotions, i.e. if you stay calm and relaxed and feel positive about teh pains it cna make them much more copable.
Also, teh position of the Baby etc...does often determine the pain we have....
All my 3 Births were completely was actually with my 3. Child that I experienced the worst pain...

I know it can't be easy to have to go through labour again after a painful/traumatic experience...but honest...there is a good chance it won't be like that....the way you mention the pain was in your back, makes me think, that maybe your 1. Baby was in a posterior position...I might be wrong of coures...but if that was so, labouring on your hands and knees, or sitting/bouncing on a Birthing Ball can help.

Can't think of anyhting else...

hansnava Wed 03-Oct-07 18:20:55

no the pain was in my privates. it was like someone was constantly punching me between the legs lol. my waters broke on their own. i have heard that pain gets worse after waters break.

3andnogore Wed 03-Oct-07 18:30:12 that wrong...sorry...

just wondering, did they mention your lil ones arm/handposition?
I am jsut asking s I read someones Birthstory, and they were describing somehting that sounds like the pain you experienced, and her child had her fists up beside the head...
could just be a coincidence, of course...

glaskham Wed 03-Oct-07 18:41:12

well first time round the labour wasn't so awful but i went in with contractions but they didn't show well as they didn't feel very painful but i knew it was time- i went in and they said oh your not ready, your not ready and when they finally listened to me they checked me and i was 6cm already!!! then when i was pushing they didn't help me at all and i tore really badly (very nearly theatre stitches....) and i needed an hour and a half of stitches!!

i was so scared that i would have such a hard time of it second time round but decided i wanted a home birth so i could relax and take things at my own speed and hoped i would feel more in control with knowing what to expect..... i was in a very slow labour for 2 days before i went into established labour but as i was at home all the time and prepared for the birth i never paniced once- i went for walks, had hot baths when i wanted it was up to me.....on the might i had her i got a bath at 7pm and as soon as i sat in the water i felt the strongest contraction ever and had to get out.....i lasted for around an hour before phoning the midwife- and i tell you what it was much more painful than first time round but i was so in control of myself and my body i managed to get her out all on my own, no pain relief she arrived when the midwife was phoning the second for backup so i ended up delivering her on my own, hubby passing out downstairs from the noise (no joke!!) but it was the best experience of birth ever!!!- so not every labour is the same!!

hansnava Wed 03-Oct-07 19:00:58

glaskham ouch to the thought of stitches

3andnogore i think it might have been more about the position of her head as they said that there was no way she was coming out, when she was delivered she had a big bruise on her forehead

glaskham Wed 03-Oct-07 19:03:21

oh forgot to say second time round i didn't tear a single bit!!!!! and i'd delivered my ds with only 2 paracetamol for pain relief but used 2 canisters of gas & air for the stitches!!! was left high all day!!!

3andnogore Wed 03-Oct-07 21:10:15

hans...oh, maybe brow presentations (where they sort of look up) or Military position (where they keep their head straight) an ideal world they would have their chins tucked in...
(my youngest was Military position and I did end up with a C-section in the end)....

well, if it is positioning, then chances are, it isn't going to be the same next I had 2 pretty good Births first, and than a crap one, but I know so many people where things gotten better and easier with each Baby

Klaw Wed 03-Oct-07 22:26:04

My emCS was for brow presentation....

then i had a VBAC with forceps assist because I took the diamorphine which I did not plan to. I really don't think that I couldn't have managed the pain but I did not have the mindset I have now! I have read and researched over the last 2.5 years and completed my Doula course, I have a LOT more faith in the female form and know that we can all do it. Unfortunately we are let down too much by the HCPs who are more interested in risk management rather than supporting a normal birth.

Do your own research and reading, regain faith in your body, get a Positive Mental Attitude and forget all this 'wimp' nonsense! smile

jamila169 Thu 04-Oct-07 01:08:09

Ds2 was brow presentation and thinking back , I did get a lot of dragging and stabbing pain like you describe - Luckily, it was a HBAC (or i'd have ended up with another c/s) and i got this overpowering urge to stand and stretch right up and pull up inside , then something happened, the pain vanished and DS2 was born ten minutes later with a 38cm head and very interesting bruises from his eyebrows to his hairline- even now, his forehead is the narrowest part of his head which would probably account for it . Having said all that, It was nowhere near as bad as labouring with DS1, maybe because I thought i knew what to expect in terms of pain and it wasn't as bad as that so I coped a million times better!
Lisa X

RobbiesGirl Fri 05-Oct-07 16:59:36

to be completely honest i briefly remember a pain in the private parts like that, but just assumed it was the baby moving down and pressing on my pelvis...i had achy pubic bone aswell for months afterwards...didn't think that was normal though

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