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Anyone else had the sweep? Can’t tell if it’s starting!

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Em0179 Fri 14-Aug-20 05:51:53

I had my sweep yesterday evening at about 5pm, I’m 40+4 today (second baby) when the midwife did it she said I was having my show and had cramping since. She also said she had pulled my cervix forward and could feel the waters “bulging”

Had bouts of regular contractions/pressure last night but they slowed down and came to a stop a few times after an hour or so and I woke up several times with period pain. At 11pm I had strong cramps and passed what I’m assuming was the rest of the bloody show (sorry if tmi)

All I’m wondering is if anyone else has had a sweep and is this maybe start of labour or just side effects from having the sweep? I know no one can tell for sure just curious on other people’s experiences!

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Sunnyday321 Fri 14-Aug-20 06:03:03

Keep moving about if possible. Sounds very likely, good luck !

AstridAv Fri 14-Aug-20 06:08:40

Could be.. with my 2nd i had the sweep around 2pm and I felt period type pains starting around and hour afterwards. Kept busy and baby was born just after 12am. Good luck

Em0179 Fri 14-Aug-20 06:28:20

@Sunnyday321 oh I hope so! Given up trying to sleep now, sat in the birth ball x

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Em0179 Fri 14-Aug-20 06:29:46

@AstridAv that’s encouraging thank you! I’ll keep moving and see what happens x

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MrsCl19 Fri 14-Aug-20 08:16:56

I had a sweep on the Wednesday had the show but contractions didn't start until Friday morning, but I had lots of painless tightenings inbetween,

Good luck op hop somethings starting for you! 🤞🏼

Em0179 Fri 14-Aug-20 09:17:30

Thanks @MrsCl19 they stopped again a couple of hours ago. It’s so tedious waiting, isn’t it? Been having stop start contractions for the last 3 weeks now xx

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Em0179 Fri 14-Aug-20 11:53:51

Feel shaky now and having hot flushes but pains are quite mild and far apart x

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MrsCl19 Fri 14-Aug-20 18:51:26

@Em0179 keep on your feet if you can and moving, 🤞🏼🤞🏼 it's beginning for you!

VictoriaBun Sat 15-Aug-20 13:43:31

Did your experience after your sweep come to anything ?
Hopefully you are well on your way !

Em0179 Sat 15-Aug-20 13:52:12

@VictoriaBun nothing yet, ended up going in to hospital last night (other half insisted as they were 5-1-1) to end up coming away feeling absolutely patronised and stupid. When I got there they eased off, the student midwife then put me on a monitor and said “your heart rate’s high - you must be feeling some pain” as when I got there she’d decided I wasn’t in labour without checking me. I was then told to wait an hour and was left. She then came back and asked if I was having a pain as I was bent over the bed then put her hand on my bump and told me it only lasted 40 seconds - that’s because she missed it as she wasn’t there! Then as I relaxed they came back more and the midwife came in and said she wanted to check me (student wanted to send me home twice and at this point I wanted to go home where I was comfortable) and said I was 3cm (mortified as they were hurting and my last labour I had no pain relief and got to hospital at 7 so I know I’m not soft!!) she then wanted me to stay and walk around hospital but I declined and said I was happy to go home as I wasn’t comfortable. Student midwife then couldn’t find my cervix and I’ve been bleeding since, midwife found it no problem. She just made me feel so stupid. Today i am still bleeding and just feel like I’m on my period. Thinking of declining a second sweep on Wednesday.

Sorry that was longer than intended!! Xx

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VictoriaBun Sun 16-Aug-20 07:20:33

That sounds as if the student midwife was pretty shitty to you and poor you !
Hopefully though this have moved on for you now.

Em0179 Mon 17-Aug-20 03:23:10

I had him at 6:05 yesterday morning. Ended up pushing for 2 hours and getting nowhere he wouldn’t turn and progress through pelvis ended up going in to theatre in the end and having a ventouse birth after a failed forceps delivery and episiotomy - thankfully he arrived when he did as he was almost a csection! But he’s beautiful and totally worth the last few weeks x

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VictoriaBun Mon 17-Aug-20 06:13:02

@Em0179 Lovely news - Congratulations 💐💐

Emmy2020 Mon 17-Aug-20 06:24:15

@Em0179 congratulations 🥳

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