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Any positive induction stories out there?

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MotherofKitties Tue 11-Aug-20 15:11:48

Just that really. About to have an appointment with the consultant about a possible elective induction (currently 37 weeks with my second) and feeling very conflicted about it all.

I've researched and I'm aware of the risks; Christ, just a sweep of the previous Mumsnet threads have thrown up some right horror stories - but I was wondering if anyone had had an induction for non-medical reasons (PGP, panic attacks about giving birth again type of thing) and it had gone well, as in, no forceps or further intervention needed?

I'm a low risk pregnancy and pencilled in for a home birth as my first arrived extremely quickly but I'm having serious doubts regarding the MWs getting here in time/giving birth without any medical assistance like I nearly did first time round, and my midwife has set up an appointment with the consultant to discuss induction as a possible option, and looking for peoples experiences really x

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piperm Tue 11-Aug-20 15:26:22

@MotherofKitties hey hun! Got induced at 41 weeks smile everything went perfectly honestly! Delivery was 13 hours in total and my baby was perfectly fine, i healed nicely after a couple weeks from birth no issues! Don't worry unless you are given reasons to! The only issue with being induced is the contractions hit u slightly harder than u expect since ur induced instead of natural, but the contractions are definitely worse than the birth itself! And they feel more uncomfortable pain then anything! ❤️ hope this helps

MotherofKitties Tue 11-Aug-20 15:52:03

Thanks @piperm that's reassuring to hear smile

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WitchDancer Tue 11-Aug-20 16:07:09

I was induced at 40 weeks with my youngest. It took a little while to get going - 2 days - but once I got going I went from nil to delivered in 3/4 hour with no pain relief other than gas and air. I didn't have any stitches with him either, although I did have to stay in hospital for 24 hours because he wasn't too happy about coming so quickly.

MotherofKitties Tue 11-Aug-20 16:27:16

@WitchDancer 3/4 of an hour?! shock And I thought my first was fast at less than 2 hours! Thanks for sharing, and glad to hear your LO was ok.

The consultant is running massively behind so still not seen him and it's doing nothing to keep my nerves down about what he's going say... I suspect they're not going to offer me one, and if they don't, I think I'll be disappointed. I've been getting more and more worked up about giving birth again the closer I get to it actually happening, and being able to go into hospital stress-free would make a huge difference. But, we shall see what they say...

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WitchDancer Tue 11-Aug-20 16:29:45

It was a fast one! DH nearly didn't make it 😂

areallthenamesusedup Tue 11-Aug-20 16:33:30

Yes. Had 3! All great. No tearing, no stitches required or any other interventions. All took a while. And I took all drugs offered. smile

MotherofKitties Tue 11-Aug-20 16:46:19

@areallthenamesusedup That's great to hear - I know there's a higher chance of forceps and c sections with inductions, but that's usually down to it taking too long and/or baby getting distressed, but I figured with my first being so quick that even with an induction the chances of the labour taking too long would be minimal, so that's great to hear you've had three and no further interventions were needed for any of them!

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AmICrazyorWhat2 Tue 11-Aug-20 16:51:54

I was induced at 39 weeks with my second as DD was nearly 10 lbs and I tore badly/ lost a lot of blood. The consultant didn’t want me having another whopper!

Three-hour labour from the moment they inserted the drip; no pain relief ( my choice) and two stitches. I was up and about the next day - whereas I had to stay in hospital for a week after DD.

It was a much better experience overall.

MotherofKitties Tue 11-Aug-20 17:38:13

Thanks for all your responses.

Well, I've been waiting around all afternoon and the consultant has overran apparently so I need to call tomorrow to reschedule the appointment.

I'm now having a cry because I've been getting more and more worked up about this appointment, what with it meant to be the yay or nay moment as to whether I can be induced before my due date or not, and now it's going to have to be rescheduled to god knows when angry

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Xyzzzzz Tue 11-Aug-20 17:40:04

39 weeks first baby, 3 hours from start to finish. No pain relief.

Johnson10 Tue 11-Aug-20 18:50:31

I’m 6w pp - Induced at 41w. On paper it looks like a horror story but y’know I still think it was a positive experience.
All the scary things I was terrified of happening - happened! And I’m honestly not traumatised. Hasn’t put me off having another one. You will be fine.

mynamesnotsam Tue 11-Aug-20 18:55:37

2 inductions, no drip, just waters broken. 1st took 6 hours, 2nd 4 hours. Gas and air only.

Whatthebloodyell Tue 11-Aug-20 18:57:40

I have been induced twice. The one with the drip was best for me. Once you are on a drip you are in your own delivery room with a midwife there to monitor you all the way through. Once I had the drip it was all pretty quick, but I found it all Much more calm than my other induction. I liked being able to labour in the delivery room in private all the way through rather than on the ward first and the delivery room later.

MotherofKitties Wed 12-Aug-20 16:30:39

Well I've finally got through to the consultant who has agreed to get me booked in for an induction a little shy of my due date so feeling relieved and a lot less stressed about it all - thank you to everyone who has shared their positive experiences smile

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DasPepe Wed 12-Aug-20 16:55:32

I was induced twice and both times it went well. Second time I wanted to make it even better so did the following: went in prepared and happy, “wanting/willing” for the drugs to work. The lady in the bed next to me was on her second go and I she sounded like she didn’t want to to happen and I always wonder how much attitude affect what your body does (also based on some advice given from someone undergoing IVF and how drugs are affected by your mood).

I also did some practice with guided meditation for pain management.
Have a think how you best have dealt in pain in the past (I go into myself, others prefer to talk etc).

Also for birth I was on my knees, which I couldn’t the first time as the epidural made me tired. And it felt really natural.

My first Induction was a bit stressful and I think because I didnt know what to expect. The second time it was really ok.

The only practical advice I can add is that for second induction I had a chat with the midwife and we decided to use pessary rather than gel (because my body reacted well for diet induction). This is important because they had to take the pessary out as it worked too well. It with gel that’s not an option - so I would suggest make sure they use a pessary.
Have a think how your body normally reacts to medication - such as at the dentist, does it react as expected and usual time. This might also help to know how things will develop.

My second induction was really good and the main difference was that I was prepared to have tre baby, and so all the work

Laaalaaaa Wed 12-Aug-20 17:04:39

39 weeks and a balloon induction. Balloon inserted midnight, did its thing and fell out 16 hours later. Had to wait for space on labour ward to become available so advised to use a gym ball to try and kick start waters - never happened so got taken to labour ward almost 24 hours after balloon inserted. Baby born 12 hours later - epidural - no forceps - minor tear. Not a traumatic experience at all - felt pretty relaxed throughout it. I was kept in hospital throughout as I was being monitored for bp and they were also checking baby regularly but if it’s a straight forward induction you can go home.

Cherrybakewellll Wed 12-Aug-20 17:06:30

My 3rd was induced although weirdly on her due date due to lack of movements, it was fine I was only in labour a few hours.
Like you I had previously read the MN horror stories and shat myself (quite literally) at the time they said they were inducing and I couldn't go home.

Honestly you'll be fine. Don't be ashamed to ask for any drugs or an epidural, you don't get bonus points for it!

shazzz1xx Thu 13-Aug-20 21:55:40

YES MEEE... got induced 12 month ago with my first and LOVED it.. if I had another baby I’d want to be induced again.. I didn’t even feel like I had a baby it didn’t even hurt the epidural is AMAZING x

shazzz1xx Thu 13-Aug-20 21:58:08

I did have 2 pesserys.. 2 lots of gel and still nothing not even a twing (little madam she is haha) so had to go on drip and it was just brill she was hear that day I went on drip x

AmICrazyorWhat2 Thu 13-Aug-20 22:09:26

It’s weird but I wasn’t even offered pessaries, just put straight on the drip. No idea why.

But in retrospect I’m glad as everything went quickly. It must be so frustrating to wait for hours without a twinge.😄

gamerchick Thu 13-Aug-20 22:13:58

I begged for mine. polyhydramnios and the resulting almost constant Braxton Hicks made me desperate for it to be over.

It was a laugh, the first time I practically enjoyed labour. Refused the epidural and just had gas and air. He was a supportive birth partner that time and it definitely helped imo.

Good luck.

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