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8 week immunisations

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mummy1214 Tue 11-Aug-20 11:33:39

Hi so my 8 week old dd has her first lot of immunizations tomorrow. I'm really worried she will be really poorly after. I've been told to give her some calpol as soon as possible after her appointment to hopefully reduce the chance of s temp. Anyone here have babies who've recently had their 8 week injections ? If so how was baby afterwards ?
Thanks in advance x

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Johnson10 Tue 11-Aug-20 18:47:20

My baby isn’t 8 weeks yet but I am a nurse & I used to help with the baby clinics at work. It’s a bit pot luck to be honest. Some babies are absolutely fine - the majority in fact. Others maybe be a bit clingy & a bit gristley for the rest of the day. I would just follow the advice of the nurse administering the injections & give calpol. Keep an eye on her temp & lots of cuddles.
Try not to worry. She will be fine! X

MrsMaglev Tue 11-Aug-20 18:55:58

We had ours on Friday - she slept a lot and has been off milk so trying to feed her little and often. Also had a fever so worth thinking about how to keep cool in a heatwave! But tbh calpol is amazing and should do the trick. Good luck!

mrsc1987 Tue 11-Aug-20 19:48:01

My son had his recently he cried alot when we got home from 5pm til 11pm but once he was in his crib he slept well..woke for his usual feeds and then was very sleepy the next day sleeping alot more than usual but nothing to worry about. The day after that he was fine it was alot better than i expected

Elmo230885 Tue 11-Aug-20 20:07:47

As a PP said it's totally pot luck. When my DD had hers she just slept, had the Calpol and slept some more. Same with her other jabs. When DS had all of his he seemed fine but about 24 hours after each lot he projectile vomited everywhere. Didn't seem ill, it came out of nowhere!
I would just say don't plan anything for the rest of the day, maybe the next day too.
A day or two off it is much better than the alternative.
All the best for your LO

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