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Could this be start of labour

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Flower08 Tue 11-Aug-20 06:51:26

Hi I’m 39+2.

Yesterday at 13:00 I had bad period pains very low down can’t recall how long it lasted and nothing since.
01:00am this morning I woke with period pains again and have had them on and off through the night going into my back and hardly slept. Also feels like I’ve eaten something dodgy and it’s upset my stomach and I need loo.

I have been throwing up too after meal times this last few days, I’ve not lost any mucus plug but I am lots more wetter sorry lol

This is my 2nd baby, my 1st was 15days over and emcs and I never actually came into labour so I don’t even know what I’m looking out for. Would you suggest I ring my midwife today ? My due date is 16th, I’m booked in for sweep on 18th and an elective section on 25th.

I’m really hoping I can avoid a section cos I really struggled last time.

Also I’ve had lightning crotch for last two weeks on an off and what I do think have been Braxton Hicks mainly at night. But these dull achy pains have now lasted all night.

Super sorry for long post and really hoping someone can advise me xx

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gonewiththerain Tue 11-Aug-20 07:00:53

I had period pains for 12 days before labour started, they got stronger and became constant as time when one. Then lost plug and mild contractions for a day then it started properly. All before due date
My first was 15 days late but I started naturally, my second arrived just over a week before due date.
Keeping walking and active and try sex. I think that was what tipped me into labour.

Dollywilde Tue 11-Aug-20 07:04:31

Sounds promising! No advice I’m afraid, just jealousy (I’m 39+5 and soooo ready for something to happen!) but just wishing you good luck, sounds like it could be the beginnings smile

Flower08 Tue 11-Aug-20 11:10:32

Hi guys

They’re not as often right now sad but I have rang labour suite and they did say it sounds like contractions and to just rest and just a waiting game.. I think it’s not knowing
When it will be that’s frustrating lol hope you lovely ladies are well xx

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meg1982 Sun 16-Aug-20 02:05:16

I couldn't wait to hold and be with you two that I couldn't believe it when you arrive to this world as cute and as healthy as can be. I made me feel like the luckiest Mother in the whole world. I love you kiddosdaffodil

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