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ELCS Complications

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Randomness12 Wed 29-Jul-20 20:40:57

Thanks all, this is really helpful. Sorry you all had any issues at all though.

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SansaClegane Sun 26-Jul-20 22:15:52

ELCS - they 'nicked' my bladder during the OP - was sent home with catheter in situ which stayed in for 8 days. Was in agony and practically unable to move with having had stomach cut open and tubes dangling out of my bits, not to forget the bloody pee bag I had to change / empty all the time. Very rushed arrangement to have my mum come and stay for a couple of weeks as I couldn't do anything on my own.

HappyAsASandboy Sun 26-Jul-20 22:09:29

I have had three elective sections (no natural labours) and have had no lasting complications from any of them. Recover is absolutely not a walk in the park - expect to be pretty much restricted to bedroom/bathroom for a week plus, though you might be lucky and find it easier.

I had a wound infection after one section (antibiotics sorted it, but it makes things harder), and sun has horrendous wind pain after another that I called 111 because I thought my internal stitches must have opened (fixed with peppermint tea ).

After all three sections I was able to drive short distances after about 10 days.

IKEA888 Sun 26-Jul-20 22:00:17

yea 2 elective following one emergency.
so with my first emergency and then an elective for my second child I had no issues.
elective much easier to recover from than emergency.
Thu rd child... elective and I got a wound infection but want too bad

Randomness12 Sun 26-Jul-20 21:56:22

Hi all, I’m considering TTC DC2, DC1 is 3.5 years. I had a terrible labour which resulted in an EMCS with GA. All fine and recovered well, however, was told at the time they wouldn’t let me labour again so I’d have an ELCS with any future children. I’ve had this confirmed at at de-brief appointment.

I’m fine with this, however, I’m a planner and a researcher. I’ve read all about ELCS the guidelines and stories which are positive. However, what id really like to understand are the potential complications which can come with an ELCS and the impact these have had on you/your family.

My DH is self-employed and will have some time off but not huge amounts (10 days max) and I spent the first 5 of those in the hospital lsat time, I’ll have a child at home potentially just starting school/settling in so it’s important to me that I can prepare for all scenarios to help me feel in control and “ready”

Would anyone please be able to share their stories?

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