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mobile epidural at UCLH?

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DueInAug Wed 22-Jul-20 19:57:58

Hi Mumsnet,

I'm wondering if anyone had a mobile epidural at UCLH (or if not, any hospital in London) who might be willing to share their experience? I searched this forum and found an old thread but the actual experience was shared by DM so I thought I'd try again smile

I would like an epidural but have concerns about losing the ability to move or feel. From what I understand, at UCLH the mobile epidural dose/rate is fixed and patients are given control to top up (and therefore one can do this less frequently to reduce the dose), but the midwife said with time often legs become too weak to continue moving around or be on your knees. Also I've read on Mumsnet that epidurals "turn your pelvic floors to mush" but this was quite a long time ago so not sure if these new lower dose ones do the same.

Am wondering if anyone might share their experience, and specifically:
- were you able to continue walking with the mobile epidural, and for how long?
- were you able to choose your delivery position or did you have to deliver on your back?
- did you find you had sensation for the 2nd stage of labour? It seems a waste to be doing my pelvic floor exercises so religiously if i won't be able to use or feel them when the time comes..
- would you choose to use it again?

Many many thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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