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Lulu, Klaw... u on here tonight?

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jofeb04 Sat 29-Sep-07 20:19:57

Just wondering if either of you have ever gone to Sheila Kitzinger's Birth Crisis Workshop?

I keep on going back to it, to see if there are any dates etc!

Klaw Sat 29-Sep-07 20:37:01

Not me, too far away up here in Scotland! But if she ever came up here I'd do my best to get to one!

jofeb04 Sat 29-Sep-07 20:39:16

Lol, didn't realise you were in Scotland!

MarsLady Sat 29-Sep-07 20:39:47

What.... no Mars in that list?

[hurt emoticon]

hertsnessex Sat 29-Sep-07 20:44:32

i am also upset now!!!! smile

jofeb04 Sat 29-Sep-07 20:47:26

Sorry Mars, I would give you some cake, but yours is always nicer!!

<<passes cake to Herts>>

so, have either of you been to one ;)

MarsLady Sat 29-Sep-07 20:49:18


LOL! But I would to go to one

hertsnessex Sat 29-Sep-07 20:58:26

not me either, but id love to.

Klaw Sat 29-Sep-07 20:58:27

Been checking out the details on Birth Crisis, sounds great! Pity she lives so far away from me... will have to politely ask her to move...


Hiya Mars and C *waves with big smiles*

hertsnessex Sat 29-Sep-07 20:58:59

hi Klaw!

3Ddonut Sat 29-Sep-07 21:11:54

hertsandessex, I'm soooo sorry I missed your name of my list, I knew I had but I couldn't remember your name! I was thinking of Southeastastra but I knew it was wrong, Mars and hertsandessex, would you be so kind as to hop over to my thread about Ina May's spiritual midwifery 'doula bible' and Jofeb04, sorry didn't realise you were a doula too, please feel free to come and discuss doula books with us!!! Thankyou ladies, hijack over.

lulumama Sun 30-Sep-07 10:15:34

i'd love to go, a friend of mine has been, but too far and too expensive at the mo!

GingGangGooley Sun 30-Sep-07 10:38:52

I'm reading Sheila Kitzinger "The New Experience of Childbirth" at the moment and really struggling to finish it! The last book I read I couldn't put down.

I get through the interesting bits quite quickly and loved the first section, then there's all the negativity that I don't understand why it's written in the way it is. I understand a lot of women have issues with pregnancy but there does seem to be more written about that in one section then the positive happy pregnancy experiences.

Then I got to the relaxation section and fell asleep after a page each time (Sleep deprivation of a teething toddler!)

I was surprised as I loved her intro to Michel Odent in Birth Reborn but finding this such a hard read. I won't pass full judgement until I finish it but it could be sometime pmsl!

MarsLady Sun 30-Sep-07 16:56:45

lulu you always have a bed here if you need it babe! That'll keep the cost down! smile

lulumama Sun 30-Sep-07 16:57:12

bless you mars, you are an angel x

Klaw Mon 01-Oct-07 23:45:54

<< klaw packs her bags in readiness of crashing at Mars's house to visit Sheila and also do Michel Odent's seminar if she can arrange it all in one week >>


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