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What would you do next? Induction and no progress

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Showmethecake Wed 15-Jul-20 05:43:38

I’ve been in since Sunday. 2 propess/pessaries and still only 2cm and cervix high.
I’m so fed up! I already have 2DC at home who keep asking where I am and when I’m coming back.
Can’t go for a walk due to COVID restrictions so stuck on my own without DH.
Second propess had to be removed as it had slipped and I had a reaction in my vagina where it felt like it had been hit with a sledgehammer. Contractions were hyper stimulating to 5 in 10. Once MW checked me she realised the propess had slipped and wasn’t where it should have been anyway. Rested overnight but now no contractions and I feel like I’m going to be pregnant forever.
Seeing Dr later to discuss options but I just want my baby here and to go home.
What would you do next? MW suggested they might offer rods to stretch my cervix or another 24hr pessary. If nothing works then c section.
I just feel so deflated

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DuggeeHugs Wed 15-Jul-20 07:20:55

I would choose a CS now. My failed induction carried on for over 100 hours, by the time they took me in for an EMCS (which they only offered because I refused consent for any further intervention) I was physically and mentally exhausted. I'm still not over the induction now, years later, but the CS itself was a wonderful birth. Taking control back was a great feeling at the time.

Ask them what your Bishop score was when they started, if it was below 5 then there's very reduced chances of your induction succeeding and that may influence your next choice.

I'm so sorry you're stuck in this position, good luck flowers

Fatted Wed 15-Jul-20 07:23:30

How many weeks are you? Would they give you the option of going home for a bit to try and go into labour on your own?

If you're past 42 weeks, I'd just have the c-section

Maincat Wed 15-Jul-20 07:50:43

Rods?! If I were in your position, I'd want to go straight to a c section now. Obviously you need to weigh up the risks but it doesn't sound like carrying on the induction is the way forward. Good luck x

Showmethecake Wed 15-Jul-20 07:51:51

Bishops score was 4 yesterday. Not sure what it was when I came in.

39+3 now. Being induced for reduced movements but very CTG I’ve had has been fine and he’s moving around.

3rd baby. 1st was a horrible, long labour at 42wks ending in epidural, episiotomy, forceps and a stay in SCBU for baby. Awful and traumatic. 2nd I was induced and it was amazing. Just doesn’t seem to want to start this time.

I’m going to ask about CS when I speak to dr but that could be hours away.

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TeddyBeans Wed 15-Jul-20 08:01:05

In your situation I'd take a section too.

When DS was born I was offered 2 pessaries before they would section. It only took 1 for my waters to break but that part of my labour process was the most frustrating and I wouldn't want to extend it any more than absolutely necessary

TeddyBeans Wed 15-Jul-20 08:01:48

Good luck too, hope you're having new baby cuddles soon ❤️

Lazydaisydaydream Wed 15-Jul-20 08:04:42

In your situation I would go for a section, maybe they would let you go home today and tonight with a planned c section for tomorrow? Then you can get some proper rest beforehand. It sounds like induction is not going to be favourable and I would rather a calm c section before my body was exhausted than to keep trying and then end up having an emergency c section.

Good luck flowers

Showmethecake Wed 15-Jul-20 08:13:39

Thanks all.

I would much rather have a calm section than an emergency and be exhausted by labour. Will see what plan they offer. I was hoping it would be as easy as my last labour but obviously not!

Apparently the rods stretch your cervix by soaking up your natural moisture hmm never heard of them before and they sound grim. But they don’t contain hormones.

DH is getting worried that nothing is happening and I’m here on my own.

Urgh! Babies are never easy are they?

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TerribleCustomerCervix Wed 15-Jul-20 08:17:19

C section without a doubt.

Induction isn’t a bundle of laughs at the best of times and it sounds like you’ve had a tough time already.

DuggeeHugs Wed 15-Jul-20 08:44:50

Never easy - it's a weird lottery!

You don't have to go along with the rods plan - you are allowed to refuse consent for procedures (my big lesson learned from DC1s birth!)

If you do refuse consent it raises the chances of a CS, though, so you should consider that beforehand. A grade 4 EMCS is very similar to an ELCS so should still be very calm and relaxed.

Showmethecake Wed 15-Jul-20 10:08:20

I’ve agreed to a 6hr prostin and if no changes to cervix I’ll be having a section.
Dr and MW were really reassuring and supportive. Cervix still too high to break waters but I said I’d give the prostin a go just in case it can start stuff off.
I feel much much better now there is a plan in place

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DuggeeHugs Wed 15-Jul-20 10:30:41

That sounds really good OP - at least you know where you stand now! Good luck smile

TerribleCustomerCervix Wed 15-Jul-20 12:39:30

Sounds great OP!

Fingers crossed you’re having lovely sniffs of a newborn’s head as soon as possible!

Pet8 Wed 15-Jul-20 12:54:19

Good luck OP thanks

Showmethecake Wed 15-Jul-20 21:49:18

Prostin did a bit but not much. Have had some tightenings this evening but I don’t think they’ve done anything. I’ve told the MW I’d like to be examined at 11pm and if no change it’s a section tomorrow.

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Showmethecake Wed 15-Jul-20 21:51:08

Thanks for all your advice and hopefully baby will be here by lunchtime!
I miss DS so much and they keep asking where I am and when I’m coming back. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery

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Devlocopop Wed 15-Jul-20 21:54:57

My friend was the same as Duggee in that she wished she had just had the c section sooner. She went 4 days, was exhausted as contracting off and on but they never really got going, never got far dialating. After the c section she was just too tired to even hold her baby.

Hopefully either things will start moving or you will at least get some sleep tonight before the section tomorrow.

Showmethecake Wed 15-Jul-20 22:00:20

That’s my worry. I’m mentally done with it all now and haven’t had any fresh air since Sunday. Feel like I’ve been imprisoned a bit.

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DuggeeHugs Wed 15-Jul-20 23:08:08

It's a terrible feeling. You're doing so well, though. I hope you have a good night's sleep so you're ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

BlueLagoona Wed 15-Jul-20 23:18:37

3rd baby. 1st was a horrible, long labour at 42wks ending in epidural, episiotomy, forceps and a stay in SCBU for baby. Awful and traumatic. 2nd I was induced and it was amazing. Just doesn’t seem to want to start this time

Literally my exact experience op, could have written that myself! Very strange to read from someone else.

Also my number 3 was very similar - induction. No movement for 2 days. Discussing section.
Then I woke up at 7am with pains. In agony for 10 hours to discover I was still 2cm and could have cried. I had pethidine and went to sleep. Woke up after 30 minutes, 9cm and needing to push. Dc 3 born 30 seconds after making it to delivery room. Apparently ‘pethidine babies’ - v fast delivery after pethidine - are well known.

Best of luck, hope you see movement soon x

grey12 Thu 16-Jul-20 04:23:17

CSection over induction any day for me. I suffered too much with DD1....

Doctor said DD2 had reduced movement in the CTG (even though I thought she was perfectly fine!!). Ended up breaking my waters to check if amniotic fluid was ok (it was) but after that DD2 was out in under 5 hours, normal delivery.

Have a chat with your doctor. You can try to request for CTG every day to keep you monitored and go home.

grey12 Thu 16-Jul-20 04:34:23

Btw I had syntocinon for DD2, which didn't seem to give me any issues

Showmethecake Thu 16-Jul-20 05:20:45

So Dr came and examined me last night and basically said ‘you don’t need a section, we’ll break your waters in the morning and Baby will be here in no time’
I’d already made the decision about a section in my head and feel a bit coerced into ARM now. BUT I know my body can do it and I think I’d rather avoid major surgery with two small ones at home already.
I’m going to let them break my waters and see how we go - I hope I’ve made the right decision and he comes out easily.
They gave me some drugs to sleep so at least I feel fairly rested now.
Today is the day either way!

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GoGold Thu 16-Jul-20 06:11:15

Good luck! I'm due second child soon and had a very long induction last time so interested to see what options they've been giving you. Excited for your next arrival, and feel for you being alone for so long and without fresh air. Hope you are reunited with your other little ones soon! Hope everything goes well.

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