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Any experience you can share of delivering baby at 34w?

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FlowerTink Tue 14-Jul-20 22:12:18

I had the steroid injections before which helped boost my DD's lungs before birth. We stayed in for two weeks, my DD was in an incubator due to being unable to regulate her temperature and so it kept her warm. She was also syringe fed initially, as she was small and sleepy. She became very jaundiced whilst we were there and required phototherapy for a day. But two weeks on we came home and today she is a very clever 5 year old who loves school and running around!

MarianaTrenchAgain Tue 14-Jul-20 22:04:16

Bumping for you. My DD was born at 35 weeks and her DS at 32 weeks. 32 weeker was in an incubator for a week but just needed a feeding tube and to be kept very warm while he got bigger. Home after a month. 35 weeker was an EMCS due to pre-eclampsia. She was in NICU for 10 days due to respiratory distress. That was back in the day before steroid injections to protect the lungs and brain and surfactant to aid the lungs after birth. I’m sure had she been born nowadays she would have had barely any problems neonatally.

Depending on your little ones weight they may need to be kept extra warm for a week or so but at 34 weeks they should be able to take feeds themselves and steroids will be given to you to protect the lungs and brain. Hopefully you will both be home in a week or so or even sooner depending on weight. Make sure you ask your Doctor and midwife every question you can think of.

Rainbowcolours1 Tue 14-Jul-20 21:54:36

Mine was 5lbs 7oz. Jaundiced but had light treatment, no further problems. Now 26.

espressoontap Tue 14-Jul-20 21:52:01

My nephew was delivered at 34 weeks and weighed 5lb 10oz. He was a bit jaundiced and a sleepy feeder so was NG fed for a bit but that was it. No special care or anything. He's now 2 1/2 and runs rings round us all. Good luck thanks

Amichelle84 Tue 14-Jul-20 21:47:47

Just that really, looks like i will be getting a c-section and I will be 34w+2 so looking for experiences on what we can expect. Thank you

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