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post natal wards

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fool11 Wed 08-Jul-20 11:24:54

currently 37w and just wondering how are the post natal wards set up now, during Covid, if you gave birth recently? how many ladies are in the room post birth? And might be a silly question, but how are the bathroom/shower probably a higher risk of transmission/catching something etc, especially as many people don't have any symptoms often they are cleaned/after each shower?

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Murree Wed 08-Jul-20 22:31:27

Most hospitals are testing mums for covid when you are admitted. So if you are in a bay you will be with ladies who have tested negative. Anyone positive or whom has refused a test will be in a side room.
This is how my hospital is and I've seen a lot of others saying the same.
You would need to ask your maternity unit for their policy though as all are slightly different x

fool11 Thu 09-Jul-20 08:10:46

Thank you.

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Mj2196 Sat 11-Jul-20 20:43:27

I was tested on arrival, antenatal was one bay for pre results & then moved to one for everyone who had tested negative . Labour ward was a room and me and dp weren’t aloud out of it . Post natal ward there was 4 of us. No idea about the toilet and shower but each bay/bed floor etc was throughly cleaned & fresh sheets and pillows after each lady was discharged and a sticker on saying when it was done.

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