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Anyone had a C-Section under general anesthetic help please

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VixxieRae Tue 07-Jul-20 18:53:01

So I'm 38 weeks and 4 days with my 4th, normal deliveries for my other 3 but I've just been told by the dr because of a back problem I've had since my 2nd baby there is a big chance should I need a c-section it will more then likely be under general anesthetic. I've always contemplated that a c-section could be on the cards but I'm now terrified to miss the birth of my little one sad I suffer from anxiety and at birth with my others I've always been a bit paranoid about having my baby switched or I wouldn't be able to tell they were mine if they left my sight. To now be told I may miss the birth is really frightening and I'm now dreading the thought of labour. I feel I wont be able to bond with baby, Anyone been through one have any advice? sad

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babysnowman Tue 07-Jul-20 20:50:15

I had my baby in an emergency section under GA. I was literally about to get the needle in my back and they changed their mind and advised a GA.

I had all the same thoughts as you afterwards and I think that's normal as there's a lot to come to terms with. For the first few months after birth I had a lot of the anxieties you describe. Despite feeling an all encompassing love for her I was particularly worried that we wouldn't be bonding properly as I didn't get to do skin to skin etc, and felt so guilty that I didn't cuddle her for the first hour of her life.

In my case, although my DH wasn't allowed into the theatre because of the GA, the baby was brought to him within a couple of minutes of birth and stayed with him. If you have someone with you they will be able to reassure you of that.

You might feel this way for a while after the birth too, but as time goes on and you see your little one thriving you'll realise that it didn't affect your bond at all x

babysnowman Tue 07-Jul-20 20:50:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VixxieRae Tue 07-Jul-20 21:32:22

Thank you for sharing your experience @babysnowman, did you have your baby recently during this pandemic? Do you mind if I ask how long you were out for and how long before you got to see baby when you did come round? I know most the rules for partners being allowed with you is an issue atm and I'm rather worried he might not be allowed to be with us and be the one to have baby after shes born. I suppose it's just thrown my vision of a what birth would be like and Im struggling with such little time left to get my mind round it, I dont have another midwife appointment till 4 days past my due date so if little one decides to come before then I wont get a chance to voice my concerns, was planning on breastfeeding like my others but I've been told it takes longer for your milk to come in after a section and without the added bonding of skin to skin so soon after i think I'll fail. sad

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babysnowman Tue 07-Jul-20 21:47:29

No, she was born last year.

It's so hard when birth isn't what you thought it would be...I couldn't watch anything with a baby being put on a mother's chest without crying until a few months ago.

I came around about 45 mins after she was born and they brought her to me straight away. I don't know what the rules for partners are at the moment but in any case the same midwife was with me when I went under and when I came around. I'm sure if you tell them your worries at the time they will reassure you and put your mind at ease.

It did take a few days for my milk to come in but I don't think that was to do with bonding...I think it was more to do with hormones and not having been in labour before the baby was born (I had placenta previa and a big bleed). It took a few days of (double!) pumping and perseverance but I got my supply up and breastfed her for 14 months. There are plenty of reasons why breastfeeding doesn't work for people, but having a GA doesn't mean it can't happen x

VixxieRae Tue 07-Jul-20 22:09:59

@babysnowman thank you you've put a lot of my concerns at ease! I failed to breastfeed my son as he was born premature and just couldn't latch to me and would use up too much energy trying. Having breastfed my first 2 I did feel like I wasnt as bonded with him as I was my daughters so I've had my heart set on it this time round and glad to hear it can be done!

Relieved to hear its not that long you were out for, a family member was telling me she was out for a few hours and they already fed baby before she got to see her little one so I kind of panicked thinking it was the norm.

I'm sure whatever happens during labour I'll barely think about anything but having a healthy baby at the end, Thank you for replying to me! grin

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babysnowman Tue 07-Jul-20 22:18:14

No problem at all. It's a lot to process so if there's anything else I'm happy to share. Best of luck for when your beautiful baby arrives!x

SBAM Tue 07-Jul-20 22:18:23

I didn’t have GA when I had a section (in December) but the lady who went in before me did, and from the timings she must’ve been awake within about an hour. Her partner had the baby in the recovery room while they finished her surgery.
Also, Ive had no problems with milk supply at all post c-section, in fact I feel like my milk came quicker this time than after a difficult natural birth the first time.

VixxieRae Tue 07-Jul-20 22:41:21

@babysnowman Thank you! grin

@SBAM Thank you for the reassurance on when your milk came in! I've heard a lot of negative for post c-sections so it's really helpful to hear positives!

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ElfCakes Tue 07-Jul-20 22:57:42

I had an emergency c section under GA with my first, I came around in about an hour, and baby was with his dad whilst I was out. My memory is that baby was already in my arms when I came around but I'm sure I'm just not remembering the bit when they passed him to me! I breasted him for over a year but it took a little while to get going but that was more about the latch rather than the milk not being there.

At first I felt that I hadn't given birth 'properly' and it made me quite fearful of experiencing child birth again because it almost felt like I missed it the first time around but I have recently had another baby by vbac and now having experienced both I have really come to a good place about my c section under GA. I've come to understand that having a baby is so much more that just the bit when baby comes out. You grow this tiny human in your body for all that time and baby will come out already knowing your voice, your smell, your heartbeat, and whilst you might miss the first 45 mins to an hour, bonding is so much more than that time - you can still have skin to skin when you wake up and can breastfeed.

Also it might be that knowing in advance can help you plan for some of your worries. Maybe give your midwife a ring or see if you can chat to your consultant on the phone if you have one about how it will all be. (I nearly choked on my toast afterwards and had a sore throat because I hadn't realised
I'd had a tube in, also the catheter was a surprise when I found it so knowing that those things will happen can also help you prepare yourself mentally!)

I hope it all goes well for you 😊

JoanieCash Tue 07-Jul-20 23:10:09

I had emergency CS under a general and had known back issues too. Similar fears to you as I was warned by anaesthetist would probably be straight to GA if needed, so also worried about baby swapping. Total paranoia! I knew the gender of my baby which I think helped me prepare. Same midwife going under as coming round gives a sense of confidence. My husband was outside (they don’t let them in for GA) but was given baby very quickly, he reckoned couple of mins. He thinks I was about 45 minutes being repaired. Have to admit was a bit groggy so didn’t really do any golden hour stuff, but was relieved we were both alive & well! I did also BF for a year, and also think milk a bit slower to come in which midwives acknowledged may have been adrenaline and drama of GA. It was fine though and if I had been mentally prepared for that a bit more would have possibly relaxed. What I hadn’t been told or considered was that they really ‘prep’ you for the GA in theatre as they want to put you under for minimum time before baby delivered, so instead of going to sleep in an anaesthetic room, and being wheeled in, they do all the prep with you under the lights. Basically at the point the obstetrician is ready to go, clutching a scalpel they send you under, so baby delivered very fast. That’s a bit scary staring at the lights waiting for the nod to be knocked out. Unlike those who have an epidural, in those few minutes before you go to sleep you can feel the obstetricians preparing your tummy- cleaning it, catheter, moving you in the bed, making sure you’re in exactly right position, feeling their landmarks on you and there’s a bit of tension as you’re alone and feel vulnerable, but anaesthetists know it and do a great job of trying to distract. Just focus on delivering safely, the rest will follow. Also - enjoy the sleep! Deepest 45 minutes sleep I’d had for ages! Wasn’t trying to scare you- but weirdly wished I’d thought through those minutes in theatre after my husband left before I was put under!

VixxieRae Tue 07-Jul-20 23:33:16

@ElfCakes @JoanieCash Thank you both so much for the information! grin My anxiety tends to run off with me in panic mode so knowing what will most likely happen in the event things turn sideways I wont be as shocked and unprepared. My last birth was traumatic and suffer with PTSD from it, while it's mainly under control now the thought of not being in control on the day sends my head for a spin. I'm hoping to have more control over myself and for myself this time round so it's great to hear how both you're experiences have been!

I'm not sure why I have the fear my baby would be swapped but I just cant seem to shake it, so I definitely think I'll be giving the midwife a ring to discuss this.

How was recovery? Tad worried with my back being not 100% it's going to render me rather immobile.
Were either of you in hospital for long afterwards?
I've always had lovely care up until the postnatal wards, hated every second I was In there.

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flowerstar19 Tue 07-Jul-20 23:40:04

Sorry I can't advise about GA but I had an EMCS with my son then he was rushed to NICU, I didn't get any skin on skin or to breastfeed him for about 12 hours but then he fed instantly and breastfed until he was 14 months smile Good luck OP! Xxx

ElfCakes Tue 07-Jul-20 23:49:18

For me recovery was as I was told to expect afterwards by the midwives. They really encouraged me to be up and moving around as soon as I felt able. With it being our first baby DH was at our beck and call to pass things and pick things up! I had the baby on the Thursday morning and was home by Friday evening. In hindsight this was probably a bit quick but at the time I was glad to be home. The ward was really busy and I think they were glad to have my bed back. Also my room was right at the bottom so I was last on all the medication rounds so was waiting for pain relief. I wish I'd packed my own paracetamol in my hospital bag to take rather than having to wait for the midwives to get to me.

I drove myself to a baby class when DS was 5 weeks old which was my first drive, and I was also sitting on the floor taking part in the class and getting up again! So core strength took a long time to get totally back to normal (although tbf I didn't try to do much to help it along!) but I was able to be pretty normal within a few weeks. Although I know others who have had c sections whilst having older kids that need lifting struggled more so if you have people around who can help then use them! If my second had been by c section I would have struggled to get my toddler into the bath, car seat and high chair on my own.

FlowerTink Tue 07-Jul-20 23:56:38

I had an emergency CS under GA at the beginning of this year due to chronic back issues. They would've done a normal CS but I went into labour early so they didn't want to chance it as the anethesist didn't know my case. DH wasn't allowed in (normal for GA) but when I came round he was there in recovery already with baby. He did skin to skin with baby as I was far too groggy but I did everything else after the first hour or so when I was more awake.

Recovery wise I was in 2 nights/3days but I only stayed the extra time as baby had temperature issues due to being early so was in an incubator. Normally and all being well it's a one night stay. The only thing I had for a week or so was a bit of a sore throat where the tube goes in, other than that it was like a normal section recovery (my first section was a normal awake section)

FlowerTink Wed 08-Jul-20 00:05:07

With a section they encourage you to be up and about quite quickly, but make sure you don't do any heavy lifting and go slow with getting up/moving about. Make sure you ask for help from your partner/family/friends when you need it, its easier recovery wise if you're not rushing to do everything yourself

ElfCakes Wed 15-Jul-20 13:07:11

Was thinking of you today @VixxieRae.
Hope you're doing alright and maybe even that baby is here safely by now!? Hope it all went/goes well

VixxieRae Wed 15-Jul-20 22:09:03

@ElfCakes Hello sorry it completely slipped my mind to check up on the thread. Anyone else had really bad foggy memory while being pregnant? I'm still pregnant with no signs of baby arriving yet! Due date is friday so fingers crossed little one doesnt keep me waiting much longer! I've been a lot calmer since reading everyone's positive comments as I really was a mess before, hoping for all things to go smoothly as my others did but if not I'm as prepared as can be smile
Currently trying to stay away from friends and family even neighbours as everyone who sees me keeps talking about getting things going, have I tried currys and having lots of sex. Do star jumps and sniff this weird oil as it worked for them. Wouldnt mind if i had mentioned being fed up but it's pretty much the first thing out their mouth.hmm

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ElfCakes Wed 15-Jul-20 22:14:26

Yes to a foggy memory when pregnant...and ever since! 🤦‍♀️😂

Glad to hear you're feeling calmer, hope it stays that way and the unwanted comments don't get you down!

dododotheconga Wed 15-Jul-20 22:19:57

I had a crash section under GA after a cord prolapse 6 years ago. My baby was with her dad while I was under and he really enjoyed that little bit of quiet time with her. In fact, they were inseparable when she was little and I always said this was why. grin
Honestly, it wad horrible for me because it was a full on emergency situation but I was ok about it because the alternative was a dead or injured baby. The goal for me was always a safe birth and, despite the trauma, it was. Breastfeeding was absolutely fine by the way and she's fabulous- no ill effects from her speedy arrival!

VixxieRae Wed 15-Jul-20 22:28:13

@ElfCakes I'm honestly awful atm with it! Walk into a room with no idea why I'm there 🤦‍♀️
I just laugh and waddle away slowly now (not like I can run 😂)

@dododotheconga aww I'm so glad it all went well! & thank you for sharing smile all the positives really put into perspective what is really important, having a healthy baby at the end!

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LordOftheRingz Wed 15-Jul-20 22:34:02

I had one of my births under spinal and then GA after a 21 hour labour, it was chronic, I saw the baby come out then got knocked out for sewing up, there were reasons to horrific to describe here for fear of putting people of epidurals. Saw the baby come out, had PND did not feel I gave birth.

Another of my births, wanted a section under GA, refused. Ended up with a emcs under GA. Was much drama, but I only laboured for about 3 hours and I was very happy not to be awake, I did not give a flying fig about seeing the baby, was very happy not to have my body shredded by a non progressing labour, baby fed great, and recovery was swift, much better that under epidural. GA is a big risk, and I would not have one unless I had to, but I preferred it.

dododotheconga Wed 15-Jul-20 22:56:34

I didn't labour at all which actually was a bonus (although the agony of the cord prolapse was pretty indescribable).

FlorestanAndEusebius Thu 16-Jul-20 13:02:50

I've had two sections with GA (risk of brain/spinal bleed with vaginal birth/spinal anaesthetic). As pp has said, they do all the prep when you're on the table which is hard but honestly the medics appreciate how scary it is and are so kind. The anaesthetist (who is at your head) stroked my hair while the rest sorted everything out.
My husband had baby very quickly and did skin to skin in recovery until I came around. He said it took a few times for me to actually waken enough to be told all was well/baby's gender.
I didn't have any probs with breastfeeding: I had told them I really wanted to bf so a lovely midwife had baby latched on as I came to - it's worth asking about.
I think I stayed in hospital two nights both times - but would echo pps to say you will be very sore and need pain relief so don't be afraid to be vocal about it. The obstetric team told me that you're sometimes sorer with a GA as they want to get the baby out quickly so can be a bit rougher at the start of the procedure.
Good luck! It can't be that bad because I'm about to do it again!

VixxieRae Mon 27-Jul-20 01:07:06

Just an update I had my little girl on the 26th July at 17:43pm i went into spontaneous labour on Saturday, all natural delivery I couldn't be more pleased!! Thank you for all the help and advice I was given I was so calm during labour because of it all grin

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