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Doulas... in here please!

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Loopymumsy Thu 27-Sep-07 14:06:26

Message withdrawn

NoNameToday Thu 27-Sep-07 14:09:27

Whereabouts are you situated Loopsymummy?

Loopymumsy Thu 27-Sep-07 14:11:15

Message withdrawn

lulumama Thu 27-Sep-07 14:12:04

you can but ask...

i wonder if a PN doula might be better than a birth doula, as a birth doula would not be supporting you per se in the birth if she was there to primarily look after DCs and the MWs

a trainee might be reluctant as it might not count towards her recognition..

i would simply ask the doulas in your area if they would be happy to support you in that way

Loopymumsy Thu 27-Sep-07 14:19:03

Message withdrawn

lulumama Thu 27-Sep-07 14:19:59

if i was closer , i;d do it ! you don;t fancy another house move do you? grin

hope you get sorted

Loopymumsy Thu 27-Sep-07 14:22:59

Message withdrawn

Klaw Thu 27-Sep-07 21:32:37

Just my thoughts:

Isn't topping up the pool, feeding the MWs, sorting kids out the kind of useful jobs that the macho male likes to do? You know, they need to feel like they're doing stuff.

I assume you've talked to dh about what he wants to do.....?

Personally I would want my dp to be doing all that useful sort of stuff, be within reach and have a Doula to be with me and supporting him also by encouraging him in all his tasks. But that's me and him. We're talking about you and your dh

Loopymumsy Fri 28-Sep-07 10:17:35

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Fri 28-Sep-07 18:11:40

It might be worth talking to a couple of your local doulas, explaining what you want and then deciding. You may decide that you do want a birth doula. I echo Lulu's suggestion of a pn doula though.

<<Waves at Klaw>>

I expected to see a couple more of the resident doulas....maybe they're at births lol! grin

Loopymumsy Fri 28-Sep-07 18:36:51

Message withdrawn

rachaelsara Fri 28-Sep-07 18:48:18

Hi, I'm a trainee doula near Bideford - if the geography works, I'd be very happy to meet you - I've got 4 dd's, 3 were born at home and I needed my parents to help with all the other stuff....

Loopymumsy Fri 28-Sep-07 18:55:36

Message withdrawn

Klaw Fri 28-Sep-07 22:55:10

Aaaah! The beauty of Mumsnet! grin

<< waves back at Marsy! >>

Loopymumsy Sat 29-Sep-07 14:16:56

Message withdrawn

lulumama Sat 29-Sep-07 14:18:16

awwwwww... i love a happy ending smile

Loopymumsy Sat 29-Sep-07 14:20:00

Message withdrawn

Klaw Sat 29-Sep-07 15:10:49

Well of course you can tell the hospital you won't be induced! And that you will be staying at home. Can't see any reason why not if there are no other contraindicating factors! grin

I love it when a plan comes together!

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