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abbiew29 Sat 04-Jul-20 22:29:16

Hi ladies!

I need some advice. I am 10 weeks post op.

My scar feels like an elastic band over the bottom of my stomach forming my shelf.

I still can't roll over fully in bed, I still hold my tummy when I laugh & I had sex this morning (first time) and feel ever so tight around my tummy. I also brought loads of loose high waisted trousers but am only comfortable in a dress.

Is this normal and if so when does it ease? If not is it possible I've been stitched too tight?

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fretnot Sun 05-Jul-20 17:24:04

Hi OP, I have nothing useful to add but bumping as I’m less than 1 week PP and feel similarly! Is it even possible to stitch too tight, I mean surely they just match the skin edges back together and suture?

Brandaris Sun 05-Jul-20 17:28:57

I felt like this for over two years, it was only when I put a lot of effort into redeveloping core strength that it really improved. I wish I’d done it sooner, but 10 weeks is probably too soon! You had a major operation, your body will still be healing.

That’s not to say that that is what’s going on for you, so if you’re worried speak to your gp or midwives if still in touch with them.

mollysmummy1970 Sun 05-Jul-20 17:50:08

I don't have anything useful to add other than I'm also 10 weeks pp and mine isnt like that at all. Feels a bit odd if I sit up from lying down but have been able to roll over in bed since two weeks with minimal pain. Maybe have a word with you health visitor just to check everything is healing OK?

Hope it gets better for you soon.

abbiew29 Sun 05-Jul-20 17:52:50

Thanks ladies!

Health visitors in my area aren't working 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'll see how I go over the next couple weeks and see if it gets any better.

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mollysmummy1970 Sun 05-Jul-20 18:12:06

It's been rotten timing hasn't it with everything going on with covid.

Nothing like with my first. Did u even get a 6 week check?

abbiew29 Sun 05-Jul-20 23:06:13

Mollys mummy - no my 6 week check was over the phone - they asked me if I was on contraception to which I replied saying as my gp you know I'm not but oh is getting the snip. They told me to be careful.

When I took my son for my 8 week jabs they still asked me how I had him in general conversation because the gp was trying for a baby - I get times are tough but they're very unorganised!

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