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Does hypnobirthing work?

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Fri 03-Jul-20 19:59:27

Currently pregnant with number 2- had a natural birth with number 1, didn’t tear, rip or need to be cut, it didn’t last for days and I know how lucky I was, but I am petrified of the pain to give birth naturally again. The thought of it makes me cold to my core!
Does hynobirthing work? Otherwise I’m thinking fuck if Epidural me up!

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SnackSizeRaisin Fri 03-Jul-20 20:25:19

It didn't work for me. But I am a bit of a wimp

Wingingthis Fri 03-Jul-20 20:26:12

I was you - exactly the same! I had my second in April this year and I am astounded and how well hypnobirthing worked. Honestly! And I was sceptical

Lockdownseperation Fri 03-Jul-20 20:28:00

Didn’t work first time but doctor told me there was no other way than emcs that I had for my baby to come out.

It kept me calm and helped me through my vbac but it’s birth so of course it still hurt.

RockyRocky Fri 03-Jul-20 20:30:33

I found it very useful. I did a course at the hospital, linked to the Katherine Graham book (I think that's her name) and my birth was so much better than my first. I listened and did all the "homework" while pregnant, but wanted complete silence during labour (made no noise myself). That, combined with water birth made it a tolerable birthing experience!

turtletum Fri 03-Jul-20 20:44:09

It depends what you're expecting it to do for you. I used hypnobirthing for both my labours. First labour was back to back, stressful assisted delivery. Hypnobirthing kept me calm and focused, but yes it was still painful. Second birth was very straight forward, I felt calm and in control throughout, yes there was pain but manageable. It's not a miracle worker, but it does help you have a positive mental attitude, keeps you calm. This means you relax with each contraction rather than tensing up. Being tense can amplify the pain. Worth a try, but it takes practice, it's a skill, it's self meditation/mindfulness. If it doesn't work for you on the day you can ask for all the meds!

OnlyFoolsnMothers Fri 03-Jul-20 20:53:12

Maybe I’m thinking it’s some miracle cure for pain- I hated the birthing pool, maybe that’s an indicator that I can’t relax in such pain. This is really helpful btw.

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secretllama Fri 03-Jul-20 22:56:18

I got induced on the drip , and found hypnobirthing absolutely useless (sorry 🙈 ) I physically could not do the breathing techniques that was taught , my body done it's own thing to try and cope with the pain.

LoeliaPonsonby Fri 03-Jul-20 23:00:12

Another one who found it completely useless.

areallthenamesusedup Fri 03-Jul-20 23:04:39

Not for me.
I went to 3 "training" sessions in pregnancy
Fell asleep each and every-time and the guy teaching me gave up after his third attempt grin

annlee3817 Sun 05-Jul-20 23:35:14

I didn't enjoy the birthing pool either, but found that hypnobirthing techniques kept me calm and focussed and all in all it was a good experience, added to that I was on all fours, hugging a giant bean bag and had a fan to keep me cool, so I think that helped too, it's not pain relief, but definitely helped me.

Ginmonkey84 Mon 06-Jul-20 20:59:34

Yes worked for me don’t get me wrong it still hurt like a mother....... but it’s important to have your birth partner remind you and work with you on your breathing or it can easily all go out the window when it really takes you over x

OnlyFoolsnMothers Mon 06-Jul-20 21:08:01

Very helpful all! Thank you. I’m leaning towards western drugs! I’m so damn scared

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ArchbishopOfBanterbury Mon 06-Jul-20 21:23:51

Yes, it helped me. I didn't chant or have music or candles, it was a lot less woo and more scientific for me.

It wasn't pain free, and I ended up needing forceps (and so an epidural) but I was definitely less tense and fearful, and I think the tension makes the pain so much worse.

Try the positive birth movement website, the videos were really helpful. There's a subscription charge but often discount codes. Lots of content by her on Instagram for free too.

MrsLully Mon 06-Jul-20 21:33:21

Hahaha. Nope. I mean, I'm sorry, it does not.
I tried with my first. Never again. Next time I'll take all the drugs. ALL THE DRUGS.
Good luck with your delivery, OP!

areallthenamesusedup Mon 06-Jul-20 23:10:54


Hi. I am sorry you are scared. The only thing I can tell you is I am a god damm wimp with everything....can't have a pedicure....feet too sensitive to have some one digging around round my nails...(it really hurts (!)), have to be anaesthetized for dentist for minor anything, need a very large glass of wine eye brow pre-waxing....seriously....I am a complete everything.......

but I have done 3 labours.....took every drug going, but did it.

Good luck and sending a big big hug

Livingthecovidaloca Tue 07-Jul-20 07:15:09

I used the Marie Morgan course, for my one and only birth, and found it incredible.
I do believe that breaking the fear-pain cycle makes a massive difference.
I was induced, and DH sent home, I kept telling staff my contractions had started and he needed to come back. I had lots of very patronising comments of “you’ll know when they’ve started..” I do, right now! and “you wouldn’t be having this conversation if it had started” I would, because I am!
In the end I forced someone to examine me, I was 7cm, then a panicked call to DH telling him to come back to hospital now now!

PixelLily Tue 07-Jul-20 07:35:19

I did it every night diligently for months. It kept me calm and relaxed for my pregnancy, but it was utterly, utterly useless during labour (which was admittedly complex, b2b, waters went early) - had things gone as expected, it might have worked better, but as stands, I had an epidural at 3cm and it was the best thing EVER.

SallyCinnamon3009 Tue 07-Jul-20 07:41:03

Friend paid over £200 for a hypnobirthing course. She had an epidural

AppaDappa Tue 07-Jul-20 07:43:26

No. Have drugs.

tractorvancar Tue 07-Jul-20 07:46:47


I did it every night diligently for months. It kept me calm and relaxed for my pregnancy, but it was utterly, utterly useless during labour (which was admittedly complex, b2b, waters went early) - had things gone as expected, it might have worked better, but as stands, I had an epidural at 3cm and it was the best thing EVER.

This was totally my experience too only it made me feel like I failed a bit as I couldn't even entertain it during labour. It went straight out of the window, I felt like I wasn't able to be disciplined enough to keep a grip on it.

CarlottaValdez Tue 07-Jul-20 07:48:55

It worked very well for me along with some techniques from Birth Skills by Juju Sundin. My birth was close to pain free. It was very intense but not actually painful except for crowning.

I was lucky definitely though, baby in a good position and he wasn’t very big. Also I had a very easy pregnancy so I’d been able to keep very active and was walking loads right up to the birth.

I think if you fancy it why not really? You can always change your mind.

elscar Tue 07-Jul-20 07:54:28

In my experience- absolutely! I used hypnobirthing for DS2

I followed the positive birth company on you tube and watched all the videos- the techniques especially the breathing were a god send!

I have recommended to all my pregnant friends- go for it! Even just for the breathing - I managed to birth a 9lb baby with no drugs and in the birthing pool- however the techniques also apply if you are having an induction/ c section etc- it's not about having a drug free birth it's having control of the birth you want (or end up with- you can't predict how these things go!)

Good luck!

apric0t Tue 07-Jul-20 07:56:20

Hypnobirthing absolutely worked for me. I did an online course which I watched three times over and so did my DH. I practiced breathing techniques and listened to calming mp3 guided meditation every night for 3 months while falling asleep.

My labour was intense but not painful, 13 hours of contractions building and then pushing was all done and dusted in 58 minutes, it was the best day of my life. I listened to the mp3s the whole time and didn't make a peep until the final push. I used a tens machine and was waiting to use gas an air but in the end I didn't need it.

If you're scared I would still recommend hypnobirthing. It's not all just woo woo about breathing techniques but learning about the control you have over your choices while you're in labour, if you're having a natural birth, or c section. I did the positive birth company digital pack and lots of the course teaches you about your options. In my birth plan I had written out what my preferences were if I had a water birth, if I needed forceps, if I was to be induced, have an epidural or if it was a c section etc

hypnobirthing for me wasn't about having a woo woo water birth while breathing heavily it was about knowing my options and retaining my control throughout, that's what ultimately kept me calm.

Good luck, not everybody has a horrible labour

joyjester Tue 07-Jul-20 07:57:34

No....I had to be induced after my waters broke but then nothing happened. ended up with all the pain relief going including an epidural for emergency c sec. It did help with my anxiety prior to giving birth though.

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