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Have induction booked for tomorrow and feeling scared and lonely...

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Lulabellx1 Wed 26-Sep-07 10:10:52

Hi Guys

I am 40+9 today and have induction booked to take place tomorrow. Have been hoping and hoping baby will come on it's own before then but nothing seems to be happening. The midwife thought i was 'favourable' and that the membrane sweep i had done yesterday would have worked but as yet nothing. Hubby is still working until i have the little one and i am resigned to sitting at home on my own feeling miserable

This is a very self-obsessed post and i am sorry, needed some like-minded people to share my feelings with.

I do want an induction (as i know everyone will be saying i can choose not to have one). Mainly because i cant stand sitting around waiting anymore and im starting to worry about my little one... i want baby out where i can see him/her.

Think this is a gonna be a very long couple of days!

Frizbe Wed 26-Sep-07 10:19:06

{{{{Hugs}}} Hope it all goes well and your little one is out quickly after all this waiting around! I had a sweep with dd2 on the Thur and went into labour sat am around 2am, so fingers x'd you do too!

Klaw Wed 26-Sep-07 10:44:04

Natural induction options. You can try the nipple stimulation, walking and relaxation/visualisation if I was you!

ronshar Wed 26-Sep-07 10:57:32

How many sweeps have you had? You can have two.
I would just say even if you dont want to hear it but an induction can be a very long and painful way to give birth. I know you want baby out but you have until 40+14.
I have had an induction dd1 and a natural home birth dd2. I had the works with dd1, 29hrs of labour, except a C-Section. I went on to have a beautiful drug free birth with dd2, 7hrs of labour.
I am aware that every birth is different and yours may well be fast and lovely but I would urge you to carefully consider the potential of a natural birth which could happen at any point over the next 4 days!
Get walking thats what helped me get going. A 2 mile hill walk. Thats how determined I was not to be induced again! I dislike hill walking when not pregnant!

What ever you decide I wish you all the luck and a beautiful little baby at the end of

BBBee Wed 26-Sep-07 10:59:01

oh poor you - stay here and go on all the threads and post loads and we will all be nice to you.

Lulabellx1 Wed 26-Sep-07 11:13:33

Thanks guys. Have been trying all sorts of methods for bringing it on naturally. Sex, Curries, pineapple, baths, long walks, birthing ball, swimming, raspberry tea, driving over speed bumps, more sex, membrane sweep (have only had the one) and nothing! Think this baby is just far to comfy. Im gonna give it a talking to when it finally does arrive

twofalls Wed 26-Sep-07 11:25:50

I was the same lulu, I had to have an induction in the end after I tried everything. Problem was, I had tried so much I was knackered lol! And everyone kept telling me to "make the most of it". How do you do that when you are huge, uncomfortable and anxious? Just think, whatever happenes, in a few days you will have your baby and this will be all but a distant memory.

Klaw Wed 26-Sep-07 11:54:13

Ask about your Bishop's score

I would also suggest that you consider induction versus Expectant Management. I personally think that induction just because you are past a certain date is madness. I believe there needs to be very good reason to get baby out, not just dates. But as I say that's my opinion and I respect your choice. You could see what your Bishop's score is and if it's not favourable ask for Expectant Management to be set up - they monitor you and baby every day or 2 to watch out for signs that indicate baby would be better off outside.

You could have a look at these links so that you are aware of the risks and so make an informed choice.

I also understand how hard it is to wait, I cancelled an induction booked for me at 42wks and got Expectant Management booked, however I went into labour and gave birth at 42+1. I am so glad I waited having done my research into induction, but it is your choice so I wish you all the best with whatever you decide smile

thelady Fri 05-Oct-07 12:39:39

Any news from Lulabellx1? I can't find anything anywhere....

Hope everything is going well, and it's just sleep deprivation.

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