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Mucus plug gone + waters broken- now nothing

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LusciousV Sun 28-Jun-20 17:29:07


Has your baby arrived yet? My waters broke at 3am (just over 2 weeks ago - 5 days early). I also lost my mucous plug at the same time and contractions started straight away. I arrived at hospital around 4.30am and was already 3cm dilated. By the time they took me to theatre (was having a planned section) at 6am, I was 4cm dilated so it all progressed pretty quickly for me.

mum2bee123 Fri 26-Jun-20 19:12:47

Hi guys

My waters broke at 345am and at 5am I went to hospital where midwife confirmed this. She said my contractions had started but it was v v mild from me perspective. I was 0cm dilated at 5am. Since then I’ve had a steady leakage and mucus plug is also leaking out. I’ve had mild back and tummy cramps but nothing remarkable and it’s 7pm. I guess my question is has anyone had this situation and started proper contractions before 24hours? At what point did your contractions start? I guess I would like to avoid being induced tomorrow. Thanks so so much!

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