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C Section and Cooper/Mirena Coil

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Cookie22 Fri 26-Jun-20 14:44:07

Hi, I’m due to have an elective C Section in 5 weeks time. At my consultation today, I was told I could have either the Copper or Mirena coil fitted immediately after the baby is born. I never realised this could be done & didn’t feel informed enough to make a decision there and then. I was told the Mirena is hormonal and would last roughly 5 years, potentially making your periods lighter or stop altogether. The Copper lasts 10 years but wouldn’t have as a drastic effect on periods? Looking for advice on those who have had this done alongside a c section and if this hindered your recovery? A quick google has shown you’re at increased risks of complications and added pain/cramps (which I’m reluctant to put myself through!!). Also, I would need to return to hospital after 6 weeks to have threads cut! Xx

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FirstTimeBumps Fri 26-Jun-20 19:29:14

Would be interested too. I'm leaning towards copper to avoid hormonal side effects however heard it can give you heavier periods?

Cookie22 Fri 26-Jun-20 22:41:40

@FirstTimeBumps yes also leaning towards the copper for those reasons but the consultant seemed to be ‘selling’ me the hormonal one. I’m reluctant to have a hormonal based contraception tho! The hormone one gives you next to no period (great!) but copper can make them heavier. It’s so confusing!

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ItDoesntRhyme Sat 27-Jun-20 11:25:13

As a comparison, if you birth naturally they won't insert one until 12 weeks (minimum 6weeks for exceptional reasons) because of the risk of perforation as the uterus contracts, also it would obviously fall out right after. I know that the uterus takes longer to go down after a section I'm not sure if that increases or decreases risk. I don't think they can do it if you go into labour though.

Normally GPs run clinics for coils which would be able to cut strings (but maybe not now).

Personally I wouldn't want more hormones right after giving birth, you've enough going on at that point hormonal ly anyway.

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