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Ways to keep calm before csection and induction?

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Babymumma01 Sat 20-Jun-20 05:24:53

Hi Mums,
My induction day is coming up! Nerves are really kicking in. Im more than likely to end with csection as ive been told.
Im a FTM, really scared as ill be induced alone due to covid and could be labouring alone for some time. I just want to get through it all now, my nerves are so very bad sad I’m a panicker unfortunately!!
Any tips, advice etc? Ways to mentally prepare myself and/or affirmations if anything during to keep calm and positive.
I feel as if my nerves are so bad they’re taking over the last few days of my pregnancy that I should be enjoying.. sad

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MsChatterbox Sat 20-Jun-20 05:28:51

For me I don't think of labour as an experience to enjoy, I think of it as a task that needs completing to get to baby. So maybe in your head just try to envisage the moment baby is placed in your arms. How you will feel etc.

For the beginning of the induction just make sure you have lots of Netflix shows downloaded. In terms of labour itself remember there's lots of forms of pain relief. And in terms of c section, I've had one before after a long labour it honestly wasn't that bad. Felt much better after 1 week and back to normal after 2.

Best wishes!

Whatelsecouldibecalled Sat 20-Jun-20 05:36:02

Why likely for a section?

I was induced during covid FTM and honestly it was absolutely fine. I had a very positive induction.

Husband dropped me off at 10am. Admitted to ward comfy clothes on and Pessary in at 11am. Watched some Netflix bounced on a ball A LOT. Annoyingly couldn’t go for a walk due to covid had to stay in cubicle but that was ok. Ordered dinner that came about 5.45pm. 6pm very mild period pains. Watched some more Netflix. Bounced on ball again. 11pm some more period pains type feeling. Very crampy. Had two paracetamol and a bath which helped. 1am felt sudden urge for a wee. Waters went in an epic fashion. When midwife checked was 2cm dilated. Moved to labour ward. Phoned my husband to come. Started getting more regular contractions. Husband arrived 2am contractions happening regularly using gas and air. 3am 5cm dilated. Contractions thick and fast. Had diamorphine. 5am height of contractions asked if I could have more pain relief as diamorphine had worn off. Midwife checked was 10cm too late for anything else time to push. 5.30am pushing well but contractions had eased off so had the hormone drip put in to help. Contractions back hard and could push baby was born at 6.30am. Had straight skin to skin with him. Doctor came to check about 30 min later. Confirmed I had a third degree tear and needed to go to surgery for repair. Went to surgery around 8am. Husband stayed with baby. Came out of surgery and into recovery. Once moved to postnatal ward (around 12pm) my husband then had to leave so just me and baby. He collected us from hospital entrance the following day (wasn’t allowed in to ward we had to go down to meet him)

I honestly felt like I laboured with him the whole time. The bit before for me was just like period pains. Uncomfortable but manageable.

I hope you have a positive experience too.

Good luck

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