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How did you heal after natural birth?

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Cia50 Fri 19-Jun-20 13:55:44

Hi, my question is to natural birth mums, I've heard stories of how pianful the healing time can be after birth and I was wondering how was your experience? what products did you find most helpful for healing after birth? Did you discover any hacks to help you feel more comfortable? What kind of underwear and pads are the best to wear? Thanks in advance! smile

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Emmaaa1990 Fri 19-Jun-20 18:23:15


I had my baby 6 weeks ago. For me weeing after for the first few days stung but I found leaning forward whilst weeing helped abit. I did have a second degree tear and stitches so that might be why!

I also found the next day that I ached everywhere felt like I'd run a marathon!

I didn't really use products to help healing just some good cleaning of the area and changing pads frequently, clean hot showers. I didn't have a bath til 4 weeks post partum as was scared of infections.

Big knickers all the way so comfortable I found! And I got some disposable maternity underwear (ordered on amazon) and big knickers. The first week I used the knickers and pads then went onto normal big knickers. Pads I got from Superdrug but I also brought more in Tesco and they are all the same smile good luck smile

ArriettyJones Fri 19-Jun-20 18:26:35

Absolutely fine. Couple of days of discomfort each time but that was all. No need for stitches or anything much. Prepare for the worst, but remember you might be lucky too. Good luck!

userabcname Fri 19-Jun-20 18:29:07

I had third degree tearing and it was very painful for a while. I found soaking in lavender oil soothing and taking OTC painkillers like paracetamol useful. Also bought a ring cushion to sit on as sitting upright hurt like buggery for a while. Resting as much as possible and taking it VERY easy were a necessity.

museumum Fri 19-Jun-20 18:33:31

I had two individual stitches but healed do fast. My metabolism was in overdrive after birth and I was bruised and swollen but happy to ride my bike after three weeks and at the six week check the mw couldn’t tell which side had been stitched.
I credit the water birth, being lucky enough to be able to stay mobile and lucky enough to not require pain relief or a catheter for the minimal damage.

Mummydaydreams Fri 19-Jun-20 18:36:07

I found witch hazel gel so helpful on pads to help with the pain of tears/ episiotomy afterwards as it was really cooling. Also lanisoh gel for your nipples for when/ if you're establishing breastfeeding. And new loose fitting dark coloured pyjamas/ loungewear so you feel nice even when you're not officially dressed. I would make plans to rest as much as you can with your newborn eating nutritious food for a while to help any healing and recovery

Gwynfluff Fri 19-Jun-20 18:46:21

Ok but no stitches from mine. Warmisg baths with salt water helped after first when I had a second degree tear. No painful tears with 2&3 but breastfeeding after pains got progressively worse with each one.

Cazzy198 Sun 21-Jun-20 19:59:52

I am 2 weeks post partum with my first and had a 4th degree tear. Initially sitting hurt so I bought a donut and stocked up on paracetamol to take alongside prescribed painkillers.

2 weeks on though and I dont need the donut or the painkillers aside for the occasional tension/tiredness headache.

Musts for me are comfy big underwear, maternity pads (I used Tesco) and plenty of warm showers to keep your bits clean, especially if you have stitches. Forget housework and just rest when you can, sleep when you can and do your pelvic floor exercises.

Admittedly, I am amazed at how quickly my pain has subsided and my injury has healed. I am not sure it's normal to be pretty much healed at 2 weeks for my tear.

Cia50 Mon 22-Jun-20 20:26:09

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for your comments, you have been really helpful❤️

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mnahmnah Mon 22-Jun-20 20:28:19

Absolutely fine. I tore with both and my second was an awkward tear to stitch up apparently - he was 10lb 11oz! But I didn’t need to do anything or use anything after. Sensitive pads are best, cotton soft and no fragrance.

ItsSpittingEverybodyIn Mon 22-Jun-20 20:33:26

Not read the full thread as rushing but after all of mine I took warm shallow salty baths every day, salt is so healing. You can take arnica too if you wish.

Whatshername20 Tue 23-Jun-20 18:26:01

I had a no pain relief birth with a second degree tear and some stitches and minimal blood loss. To what extent I have no idea as I took one look at myself in a mirror one day and decided that was quite enough to put me off 😂

Be prepared for the first few wees to be awful, mine didn't want to come out and all my muscles just felt defunct. Standing up felt so pressured and like everything was going to fall out. Also couldn't really lift baby from bed or stand straight up/lie down without a performance.

Making a den out of throws on the sofa to elevate me was much better and I sat on a v pillow too. Took regular pain relief and drank lots of water to keep me going and diluted. Only showered with fragrance free wash and pat dried at every opportunity! I found Asda maternity pads to be the most comfy as they were like mini mattresses and just bought some really ugly black (in case of leakage) supermarket briefs in a bigger size for post birth. Lots of comfy, baggy clothes that won't cause you an issue.
16 weeks on and I think I healed fairly quickly. Sitting cross legged on the floor feels a bit odd now but have been back horse riding and having sex so think we're getting there! Good luck

Cia50 Wed 24-Jun-20 00:34:32

Have any of you tried pouring witch hazel and lavender on the pads and freezing it? I've been seeing these DIY herbal pads and wondering if it's safe to do so😄 thanks in advance!

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