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Labour seems to have just 'stopped' - what do I do now??

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Luxmum Mon 24-Sep-07 08:12:34

Hello, the day before my due date, I had regular contractions (but not too painful, just tight)about 10 minutes apart, I was 2cm dialated, had the shivers and (excuse me)the runs.. That night everything stopped. The next day i did alot of walking and the contractions were 5 minutes apart. But the Dr sent me home as I wasn't very dialated. Since then, I have had NOTHING. Nada. I can sometimes feel the babies head down below, but the contractions have gone completely. I'm now 40 + 4 days. Sex last night didn't work either..Here in Luxembourg they only allow you to go over by a week, so I don't have much more time to avoid an inducement. Can someone please help me with advice on what I can do (other than even more walking) to speed things up, and is this big quiet gap normal?? sad

Sunshine78 Mon 24-Sep-07 08:29:13

I've heard pinnapple is good at getting things going. I also got my dd going by doing star jumps! Just try and keep mobile and relaxe if your uptight it want help - easier said than done I know! Fingers crossed for you grin.

Pruners Mon 24-Sep-07 08:32:18

Message withdrawn

belgo Mon 24-Sep-07 08:38:36

firstly, are you sure of your dates? They may recommend induction if you are a week overdue, but you can refuse this if you are sure of your dates. In Belgium they let you go to 10 days overdue,in the UK longer (depending on the circumstances of course) so it does depend on the country you live in. They may want you to be regularly monitored if you are much more overdue.

can you ask for a sweep? This got contractions going for me, although they took a while to really get goin.

Sex can also work - this is worth a second try!

Try not to be too worried; 2cm dilation and all the practise contractions you've having are very good signs that you will go into labour naturallysmile

Having said that, if you are two cm dilated, and have been having practice contractions, then an induction is likely to be fairly successfull (of course there are no guarentees).

Luxmum Mon 24-Sep-07 15:34:10

Thanks, I had my checkup with teh dr this morning and he said yes, it was overdue, you could see teh vernix floating around in the fluid which aparently is a classic sign. But luckily he also said he'd wait till Thursday, so fingerscrossed! I am trying to relax, and yes, it does really help (as does the new Bourne movie, wow, I really had to waddle out of there today), and my tongue is now all tingly from eating a whole pineapple. I will let you know if i pop before thursday, but thanks for the reassurance, it's what i needed to hear.

belgo Mon 24-Sep-07 16:20:31

glad it went well with the doctor. Intrigued as to how he knows vernix is floating in the water .

My DD1 was born on time and had no vernix on her.

DD2 was six days later and also had no vernix.

Good luck! A friend of mine had her baby in Luxembourg last year and she said everything was fine in the hospital.

lisad123 Mon 24-Sep-07 23:05:49

My had this last week, went in but was 3cm, but contractions stopped Was kept in as had a bled, but was planning to go home next day, but didnt get there, as suddenly woke in labour.
Defo try the bath with lavender, sex if possible and walking.
Good luck

Klaw Mon 24-Sep-07 23:19:18

Get some rest!!! If labour stops it's because your body knows it needs to rest. It has been doing some behind-the-scenes work and now needs a bit of TLC before continuing

Get some sleep, feed often and regular, keep well hydrated and relax!

Here in the UK, they only 'allow' you to do this, that and the next thing, but we all know that, actually, you have to give permission for them to do X, Y and Z so I can't see how it can be any different where you are, surely you could ask for Expectant Management and WAIT if that is what you want... it's your body and your baby, after all, whether here or over there...

A LOT of babies don't arrive till between 40 and 41 wks, and you are not overdue till 42+1, according to WHO - term is classed as between 37 and 42wks.

Anyhow, get to bed (sleeping on your left side), if you haven't already and I bet you wake up tomorrow with nice strong contractions!!! wink

DaisyMOO Mon 24-Sep-07 23:30:09

Re vernix in the fluid - I think in some parts of Europe they do an amnioscopy where they basically look up your fanjo with a torch and have a peek! Michel Odent reckons this is a very useful tool for determining fetal wellbeing. Is this what they did Luxmum?

fihi Mon 24-Sep-07 23:50:50

had big gap like that with DC2&3, then when labour kicked in (eventually) properly, wow did it get going.... very quickly there was baby (here - catch)wink

*good luck* HTH

MarsLady Tue 25-Sep-07 00:37:12

Nipple stimulation! I'm surprised Lulumama hasn't been along to tell you that one yet! grin

Luxmum Tue 25-Sep-07 08:11:51

Hello Mars, aren't you also due in september, i thought i saw your name on the natal threads? The nipple stimulation has been tried, yes it gave me contractions, but only as long as I twiddled, so i got a bit bored I am afraid. The Dr saw the vernix floating in the scan, it was like bits of white in the liquid. I couldnt see shite, just a big jumble of limbs and odd shapes, but he has had more practise than me! Off to bed, thanks for the advice!

pendulum Tue 25-Sep-07 09:03:52

Hi Luxmum, I have no suggestions but can join you in your frustration- I am 40+4 and for the last week have been having contractions on and off that come at 10 minute intervals, get stronger..... then disappear suddenly. Was up from 2.30am with them this morning, now I am still contracting but there doesn't seem to be any particular progress. This makes me nervous as I am a VBAC (think you might be too- didn't I see you on the other thread?) and I worry that the hospital will get jumpy about wear and tear on the scar if this goes on much longer.

I will keep looking out for you and hopefully we will soon be keeping each other company in labour through the night!!!

MarsLady Tue 25-Sep-07 15:03:44

Lux that would be MrsMar... I have my full complement of 5 children and won't be adding to the brood if I can help it! lol grin

Pruners Tue 25-Sep-07 15:07:15

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Tue 25-Sep-07 15:18:17

PMSL Pruners.......................NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Klaw Tue 25-Sep-07 22:18:10

Pendulum, I don't believe that BH or a prodromal labour should put too great a strain on your scar. It's the 2nd stage of pushing that is most worrysome, I think. Maybe you could post a query of the MN mws to be sure?

pendulum Tue 25-Sep-07 23:00:55

thanks Klaw- since my post I suspect that [whispers] I may be in early labour so hopefully will avoid the awkward appointment tomorrow with my midwife (who thinks I should be in hospital from the first contraction) ... also spoke to my doula who did not seem concerned about the scar.

I am armed with a copy of the "Early Labour Mistakes" doc you have posted here a few times and so am off to bed with paracetamol to see if I can sleep through these earlier contractions!

Klaw Tue 25-Sep-07 23:05:30

oooohhhhh!!!!! << Klaw claps hand with glee, Pendulum is going into labour!! >>

Yep, get to bed! If it's labour you won't get much sleep and if it's not you will wake refreshed and ready for when labour does begin!

RELAX! you're going to meet your baby soon!

fihi Tue 25-Sep-07 23:08:59

get the best sleep u can - and prepare DP for shifting himself fast when you wake up!!

pendulum Wed 26-Sep-07 04:13:40

well, slept a few hours then was woken by contractions so guess it is the real thing this time...

contractions around 6=7 mins apart and I seem to be doig ok with TENS and paracetamol so will leave my doula to sleep a little longer grin

anyway, sorry for the hijack- will go back to the "imminent VBAC support" thread with any updates!

Luxmum Wed 26-Sep-07 07:03:38

Oh Pendulum, that's great news!! All my mini contractions stopped when i went to bed, so off to the Dr I trot today. Fingers crossed and the best of luck for the birth!!

MarsLady Wed 26-Sep-07 07:10:29

<<Mars passes round coffee and ldc and sits down to wait>>

lulumama Wed 26-Sep-07 07:13:58

<<pins on louladoula badge, gets out some knitting, and waits quietly..>>

pendulum Wed 26-Sep-07 07:47:22

thanks Luxmum, I have everything crossed for you today. What do you expect the doc to say today and do you plan to resist an induction if suggested? 40+6 is still not really very overdue.

Not sure where I am this morning, I managed to get another hour's sleep with the TENS on and more paracetamol, and woke up to find that my contractions have spaced out again to around 9 mns and become a bit milder (although difficult to tell now the TENS is well and truly doing its stuff). I had a v large (actually quite firghtening!) bloody show in the night and def feel things are moving down but I really need to move the contractions up a gear before I get totally exhausted.

Will try nipple stim as soon as I have DD safely ensconsed at nursery(!)- maybe that having her out of the way will give my body permission to focus. Any other tips v welcome...

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