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Cervix feels open

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allthesharks Thu 11-Jun-20 20:05:15

This is DC number 3. As both DC were born premature I have cyclogest pessaries which I have to insert each night and I also have a cerclage. I've been having contractions on and off for weeks. Sometimes they're regular and painful so I have been seen at MAU but the cervix has been closed and the partosure test has been negative each time. Last night the contractions were very painful and when I put the pessary in my cervix felt slightly open - I could fit the tip of my finger inside it. However I can still feel some depth to the cervix, so I would assume that it hasn't thinned out completely (it was 16mm 6 weeks ago) and it doesn't feel round, just my finger tip very easily slipped in to it. I don't know if these means I'm starting to dilate. The contractions have eased off today however this happened with DD2 - 4 days of contractions at night until they became constant and more regular. I know I don't have to go to the hospital just yet, but I am anxious that this is the beginning of labour. I'm 32 weeks today. DD1 was born at 28 weeks and DD2 at 33 weeks. Do you think I'm being overly anxious? Is it normal for the cervix to feel like this at 32 weeks? Or does it mean things are starting to happen?

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MrMagooInTheLoo Thu 11-Jun-20 21:41:54

Call the hospital, midwifery team and they'd be able to advise you

allthesharks Fri 12-Jun-20 08:36:40

The reason I haven't wanted to call the Maternity Assessment Unit is because I've never been able to just get advice from them. Because of my history they always want me to go in to get checked, which is understandable, but I do know that that's not necessary at this stage. The contractions were bad again last night but have eased again today. I know I have an irritable uterus so for the most part I try to ignore the contractions. If I called the hospital every time I'd never be at home! I just wondered if its normal for the cervix to be slightly open at this stage and, just because its open on the outside, does that mean it is on the inside?

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