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C section & hair removal

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Jadefeather7 Tue 09-Jun-20 11:56:28

Last time I had a wax before my c section but now all the salons are closed so I’m not sure what to do!

I’ve read horror stories about being shaved by hospital staff and itching etc afterwards.

What have you ladies done or what would you advise?

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AllTheCakes Tue 09-Jun-20 11:57:36

I would just trim with a shaver. Saves any itching. FWIW unless you had a full bush I can’t see why they would need to shave it off confused

fruitpastille Tue 09-Jun-20 14:03:53

They only shave a little strip where the scar is.

SockQueen Tue 09-Jun-20 14:04:10

They don't dry shave any more, just use clippers for the top bit of the bikini line if it's needed. No need for you to do anything unless you want to.

LusciousV Tue 09-Jun-20 20:22:30

I'm having a section next week. My letter from the hospital stated DO NOT shave or wax the lower abdominal area within 2 weeks of the surgery. It's for infection control purposes.

Natalie654321 Wed 10-Jun-20 16:43:08

I shaved a few days before. I had a c section and everything was fine.

Sew3stitch Wed 10-Jun-20 16:45:38

My hospital asked me to shave the top inch or so the day before the op. Funny how all trusts seem to give different advice! Your hospital should tell you the procedure at pre-op or the appt where c section confirmed I'd imagine.

mylittlesandwich Wed 10-Jun-20 17:06:41

Mine didn't mention it and I didn't even think about it myself. They shaved a tiny wee bit just where the incision was and it wasn't itchy growing back.

ListenToIronMaidenBaby Wed 10-Jun-20 23:04:42

I had the biggest full bush when I went into labour...ended up in a c section and they just shaved what they needed to. Didn't itch after I don't recall!

I'm a bit of a full bush girl anyway (my poor DH!) so didn't even occur to me do do anything about it. The only time I do is have a groom down there for wearing a swim suit

kazza446 Wed 10-Jun-20 23:14:10

I’ve had 4 sections and have never had my lady garden shaved, nor have I been asked to shave it!! Although last time I had a planned section I asked my beauty therapist to wax around the edges and I swear she took that much off I could have made a rug with it. Even she commented that she’d accidentally gone a bit overboard. I was only left with a little landing strip. I wouldn’t mind but a close school mum was carrying out my section.

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