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Feeling too normal

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BirdGarden Wed 10-Jun-20 19:12:47

I'm 40+4 and also feeling no different. I have SPD which has been a bit worse this last week, had a few afternoons where I've felt tired at 5pm; but I don't know I'd even have noticed that were I not looking for some differences! Definitely "felt it" more with my daughter. I've even trotted/jogged round the block with my toddler when the SPD has given me a few hours off! If anything I felt more ready at 38 and 39 weeks as I had cramps, Braxton Hicks, discharge, occasional regular contractions in the evening. Was still working so told baby to stay put and they've taken it very seriously! I'm either destined to go properly overdue or it's suddenly going to hit me out of the blue.

SpillTheTeaa Wed 10-Jun-20 16:11:18

Don't worry I felt nothing until all of a sudden I had back ache. They were the start of my contractions grin

FTEngineerM Wed 10-Jun-20 16:09:50

@firsttimemama6 congrats on the due date smile

I am 40+2 was due on Monday. No signs yet though, just put a rocking chair together so still tinkering about.

Keha Mon 08-Jun-20 20:56:46

Probably just means you are fit and healthy with a not too huge baby. I was still walking okay at that stage but getting some back and hip pain and needing to wee a lot but was lugging around a huge baby and not that fit. Enjoy it, especially if you are still sleeping okay.

firsttimemama6 Mon 08-Jun-20 11:23:18

Thanks all.
@FTEngineerM I'm due on Wednesday. How about you? You sound exactly like me - I've been painting garden furniture, walking lots etc but nothing yet. I really want her to come naturally in her own time but equally I'm getting impatient, and so many people are asking me if she's here it's driving me mad 😂.

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Allhallowseve Sun 07-Jun-20 15:05:15

Same here with all three dc. Never experienced the uncomfortable feelings that others did. Infact I could have carried on longer ! Dc1 40+10 dc2 40+11 dc3 40+11

edin16 Sun 07-Jun-20 14:59:30

I think maybe we're so used to hearing the horror stories that people love to tell that we think that's what's normal for everyone.
I found it strange how absolutely fine I felt throughout my whole pregnancy, I kept expecting things to start hurting ect but they never did.
I went to bed feeling absolutely fine (last week), woke a few hours later to a horrible stabbing in my back and then that was it, I was in labour!

FTEngineerM Sun 07-Jun-20 14:32:33

I’m totally with you here! I could have written this so as previous lists have said you’re deffo not alone.

I’m due tomorrow and have been up a ladder painting my landing this morning, followed by food shopping and then walked my dog for about 5k, I just imagined I’d be more immobile I suppose?!

When are you due?

Flora20 Sun 07-Jun-20 14:27:34

I had my first at 37+5 but also felt entirely normal right up until the birth. To the point I
almost missed being pregnant as it ended so abruptly and I had been expecting the 'fed up, want baby to come now' feeling 😂

I finished work on a Friday, expecting a couple of weeks to get my head together and relax a bit, and had her on the Sunday!

Jennyz123 Sun 07-Jun-20 14:12:55

Ah really glad to have been of help. Yes my preference would have been a water birth but it wasn't to be - to be honest I really couldn't have cared less when the time came - hardly knew where I was anyway! I would definitely say it's good to be flexible as anything can happen. The two things I would have felt quite negatively about beforehand were induction and pethidine - naturally they both ended up happening! (I asked for an epidural but the anaesthetist was dealing with a car crash so didn't make it to me until the baby's head had arrived and it was all a bit late - took the pethidine as the strongest thing available- actually I loved it and had no issues feeding the baby afterwards- she gravitated instantly to the boob and that was that!). It's got to be one of the least predictable experiences around so there's nothing wrong with having preferences at all but best to keep an open mind for sure. The only thing I would change about my pregnancy if I could do it again in all honesty is to worry less! Birth is messy and painful but totally worth it smile you'll be great!

shazzz1xx Sun 07-Jun-20 14:07:06

same here apart from morning sickness to the end I never felt pregnant it sounds crazy but I didn’t
got induced at 39 weeks tho as it was an ivf baby... also had epidural soon as I was put on the drip so didn’t even feel labour either...
it couldn’t have gone any better really
She’s 10month now and birth feels like a lifetime ago

Good luck x

2020times Sun 07-Jun-20 12:33:49

I felt normal til the birth too

Drivingdownthe101 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:26:01

I felt completely normal right up until the day my first two were born (40+6 and 40+2). With my first I went into labour in Nando’s after a day Christmas shopping!
With my third, I had constant twinges/braxton hicks/all night contractions that led to nothing from around 38 weeks. He was born at 42 weeks after induction.

firsttimemama6 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:23:51

Thanks Jenny, that's really kind and super helpful. I had my heart set on a water birth but maybe I'll try to get that out of my head incase I need to be induced.

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Jennyz123 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:22:32

Hi there, just wanted to say I really remember feeling like this but please don't worry! I was expecting to have lots more in the way of Braxton hicks etc and started analysing every feeling in my body as I was certain I should be noticing something (anything!) towards the end, but I just didn't. Totally normal I think. I did end up being induced at 41 weeks but that was due to a blood pressure spike (again not unusual towards the end I think), they would have been happy to let me carry on otherwise. Having said that, I was very anxious about induction but actually had a really positive experience - it was incredibly intense but it was so quick, my baby was with me by 10pm after my waters broke and contractions started at 4pm. It was the hardest thing I've done but it went so quickly it was worth it - personally I would prefer a few hours of intense pain than drawn-out but less intense over several days. Anyway just wanted to say there's nothing to worry about in my experience of a similar situation, my little one is now a happy and healthy one and a half year old - sometimes they're just really comfy in there! Wish you all the best.

firsttimemama6 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:03:09

Hi, sorry for the crazy post am almost 40 weeks with first baby but feeling completely normal, no cramps, Braxton Hicks, difficulty walking or sleeping etc. I'm able to go about my day pretty easily apart from a bit more tiredness. Everyone talks of being uncomfortable at this stage but apart from the fact the baby is moving, I'm worried I feel too normal and something is wrong. And I also think it means maybe the baby will need inducing if they are perhaps not ready to come out anytime soon. Should I be feeling more?

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