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Elective C Section during Covid

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MsChatterbox Sat 06-Jun-20 18:43:16

Hi all,

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and swaying towards an elective over a vbac. I'm just wondering if anyone that has had one recently can tell me about their experience?

My husband will be home with our son so I'm not too worried about this side of things.

More sort of.. Did you hold baby straight away?

Were you able to hold them whilst being stitched up?

How soon could you go home?

Oh also before the procedure where did you wait? Was it on a bed in a ward with other people? How long were you waiting for?

That kind of thing. Thank you!

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MsChatterbox Sat 06-Jun-20 19:59:23


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MsChatterbox Sat 06-Jun-20 21:20:31


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MsChatterbox Sun 07-Jun-20 08:28:26

One last bump attempt!

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Ers77 Sun 07-Jun-20 08:35:02

For my section 5 weeks ago I was able to hold the baby as soon as she was cleaned up etc and we did skin to skin for most of the time I was being stitched up. I was in for 3 days due to blood pressure etc but I would have been out sooner if there had been no issues. I can't help on the bit before the procedure, as my planned elective became an overnight emergency section as baby decided not to wait till 39 weeks! Hope that helps smile

Midlifebaby Sun 07-Jun-20 09:36:22

Hi @MsChatterbox, I had CS mid May. Overall was brilliant! Whilst walking down to the theatre we walked past rooms with labouring women...made me even more glad my delivery was going to be quick if not pain free!!!
Checked into hospital, midwife was very professional and friendly and told me where to put my bag & stuff to change into (note- you will NOT be able to get your bag after the op, the staff will need to help you, so put everything into zip bags or luggage cube with labels - it makes it easy for them to get you what you want !)
In theatre I got a bit overwhelmed at the reality I was about to have the baby..staff were so empathetic and lovely in calming me down. Surgeons asked if I’d done a playlist (I hadn’t) and the anaesthetist used her phone to put some coffee shop jazz on lol!
I asked for The drape to be lowered when the baby came out so I could see, delayed cord clamps And immediate skin to skin- my CW was tricky and baby needed some in attention so the last 2 didn’t happen but that was ok - they were talking to me and telling me not to worry & the baby Resuscitaire was in sight. The midwife quickly brought the baby to me fir skin to skin (I think within 3-5 mins) she stayed there while I was sewn up & wheeled to recovery. In recovery they took her off me for a few minutes as I needed tending to and she was returned again in a few mins. She didn’t latch (on reflection due to bring exhausted from birth & she wasn’t able to open her mouth completely, probably due to her transverse position / this was fixed by an osteopath when we were home) the midwife offered to get colostrum in a syringe which I appreciated (harvest in advance if you’re able)
After a while in the recovery we went to the “ward” in our case it was the high dependency unit as I’d had significant blood loss (anticipated due to medical condition) and the support was brilliant.
After 28h went up to the normal post natal ward - to be honest it was pretty rubbish without my partner to help. But I was only there overnight then I insisted on going home.
I was back in hospital exactly a week later due to postnatal pre eclampsia, there I was on a ward with 3 other ladies who’s delivered...the care and support I heard them getting as well as the care I received was great (and funnily it seemed more supportive than the week before)
I was glad to get home the second time. It is really tough without hubby’s, but on the other hand it’s calmer in the maternity unit as it’s pretty much a ladies only environment.

Good luck, try not to worry too much and enjoy your new bundle xxx

Midlifebaby Sun 07-Jun-20 10:14:50

Regarding waiting - your bed is assigned when you arrive / you change there, and they take you back to the same bay unless you end up in high dependency (With me, the midwives went to get my bag & brought it to the new room) we were second on the list & the woman ahead of me had some complications so the wait was about 2 1/2 hours . My cesarian took 1 hour all in.
When I was back in the hospital 2nd time, the woman opposite me arrived at 7am, got changed etc. I dozed off until I heard them bring her back at 9:25... I couldn’t Believe quick they’d been!

If your partner does end up attending he will wait in the family waiting room until you go to theatre together,and you can wait with him once you’re changed) partner stays in recovery area (30mins or so) then comes back to collect you when you’re ready to go.

I had him bring the car seat (we have bassinet style) on the buggy frame and it was easy for me to push & midwife wheeled my bag to the door.

Take long cable fir phone charger. And headphones x

Ps sorry for spelling mistakes above - hopefully you can follow anyway lol x

em90792 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:31:38

I have been doing alot of looking into this as due in about 4 weeks for my 4th csection. From what i have read on other posts etc. (Speaking with consultant next week to find out exacts) it's fairly normal.
I believe during surgery you may need a mask, this seems to vary on hospital and stays seem to be shorter genrally... most people have said home next day if all well and happy too.
While in surgery it seems you can do usual hold/feed baby if you wish.
My local hospital trys to keep.csection patients in seperate private rooms instead of on shared wards, I have heard this is still the case where I go. If you want a private room and not the case they may be able to for a charge. I know ours offers these rooms at a charge to patients not allocated them.
Good luck

wizzbangfizz Sun 07-Jun-20 10:36:55

When I had my elective it was done at 39 weeks. Went in at 8am, kept waiting as pushed back for emergencies - obvs no food or drink so because I didn't go down until 4pm they put me on a drip.

DH was there so he held her first while I was stitched up then went to reviver where I held her and I went home the next morning. It was lovely to be honest very stress free and so much better than the EMCS. Just make sure you don't do too much that first fortnight.

MsChatterbox Sun 07-Jun-20 10:48:13

Yay the bumping worked!

Thank you for sharing your experiences guys. I was reading them smiling. They've really reassured me! Love that you got to do skin to skin and even breastfeed 😱. Hopefully the staff with me are just as accommodating 🤞🏻

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