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Classic quote from my friend who has just given birth...

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Bouncingturtle Sat 22-Sep-07 17:26:17

Background - she's been in labour for 18 hours, fully dilated, pushing gently (she has a heart condition so docs don't want her to over exert herself).
Doc says - Well Mrs M, you've been pushing for a while you need some assistance. We'll try ventouse, if that doesn't work we'll try forceps then if that fails we'll have to consider a c-section.
My (normally mild mannered) friend's response - "I'M NOT SUFFERING 18 HOURS OF F*ING OF AGONY JUST TO HAVE HIM OUT THROUGH THE F*ING SUNROOF!!!!"

After ventouse assisted delivery she gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy
She had me and the girls in stitches when she shard that with us!!
She also told me that despite the pain, it was all worth it... I'm feeling slightly less nervous about my own labour in 13 weeks time!

Spidermama Sat 22-Sep-07 17:27:25

Good for her! grin

peskipixie Sat 22-Sep-07 17:28:58


policywonk Sat 22-Sep-07 17:30:11

More people should talk to consultants like this. grin

Loopymumsy Sat 22-Sep-07 20:19:44

Message withdrawn

theStallionOfSensibleness Sat 22-Sep-07 20:20:23

lol i epxcpected ti to be

" he'll ifit inot our life!"

lulumama Sat 22-Sep-07 20:21:13

good for her !

congratulations to your friend

belgo Sat 22-Sep-07 20:22:06

that's very funny

Bouncingturtle Mon 24-Sep-07 11:28:04

Stallion - I don't think she's been watching "bringing up baby!"

She's doing really well, baby is now 11 days old and growing like a weed... she's been telling me that during night she has to get up and look at him to check he's still there! Her DH keeps telling her, No, I don't think he's trying to escape..."

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