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Should I go to hospital?

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allthesharks Tue 02-Jun-20 10:47:46

This is my third pregnancy. I'm currently 30 weeks. DCs were born at 28 and 33 weeks. I have a cervical cerclage and have been having progesterone pessaries since 24 weeks.

I've been in to hospital twice - once at 26 weeks and once at 28 - as I was having regular contractions. Both times the cervix was closed and the contractions settled down and they didn't know what was causing it. I've been having pain since yesterday afternoon and regular tightenings. The pain got worse in the night but I did manage to sleep. The pain is continuing this morning and I am getting tightenings but the pain isn't at the same time as the tightenings, its just a general dull ache. I'm almost certain that if I went in to MAU it would be a repeat of last time and all would be fine. But there's that niggle that it might not be. I'm not in agony so am I best to wait to see if it gets worse? And hope it eases off like last time instead?

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Pegase Tue 02-Jun-20 14:10:23

I would go just in case. As you know - if it were happening you'd want to be on those steroids straightaway so I wouldn't risk it - That's what MAU is there for. Hope all is well though!

missbipolar Tue 02-Jun-20 14:11:33

Can you call before going to get their advice?

justasking111 Tue 02-Jun-20 14:11:56

Please go, get the steroids if they think it necessary.

allthesharks Tue 02-Jun-20 14:16:11

I called them to see what they thought. I was hoping they'd say to give it a while and see what happens but they said to come in to be seen. They've put me on the monitor and its picked up some contractions, about every 12 minutes. The baby's heart rate dropped a few times while I was on the monitor but they seem happy enough now so they've taken me off the monitor and I'm just waiting to see the doctor.

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justasking111 Tue 02-Jun-20 14:30:33

Glad you are in safe hands now OP

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