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Recent c section experience in Scotland/Edinburgh

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thisyeargoodyear Wed 27-May-20 20:08:15

I had a c-section at the ERI in December so pre-covid. The staff were helpful and there are maternity care assistants on the ward to help with things like help change baby, help with feeding etc., if required. My advice is just to be super organised - I had all outfits for baby is labelled zip lock bags next to the bed and the changing bag on the chair in easy reach (just don't overpack as there is hardly any space in the cubicle!). I was in the shower 8 hours after my ELCS and home the next day - if all goes to plan and you have the right drugs you should be ok to get up and about quite quick (this was in stark contrast to my EMCS 5-years who where I could not bend down for days and barely walk for weeks!).

I have a friend who had a ELCS at ERI a few weeks back and partners were allowed in before, during and in the recovery ward following the C-section. Once she was transferred to the ward her partner had to go home and was allowed in again to collect her the following day. Good luck and I hope all goes to plan.

LynzP85 Wed 27-May-20 19:49:10

Hi, can't help in the c section but I can confirm partners are allowed in (in Scottish hospitals!) I've had two friends give birth during Covid19, one naturally and partner had to wait in the car until they checked she was in established labour and then he was allowed up to the room - baby came 30mins later at 11.09pm so Dad went home to bed and then came back in the morning to help bring baby home. The other had a section and again, mum arrived and had all the pre-check stuff done and they confirmed she would be delivering that day and then beforehand Dad was allowed in.

Reach out to St Johns and ask, or your midwife but I've not heard any mums being told no birth partners.

FairfaxAikman Tue 26-May-20 19:49:53

Mine isn't that recent at two years ago and was in ERI but midwives did help with stuff like that overnight, as did other women (I was in five days and ended up doing my fair share of helping as midwives can take time to get toy you). I did try to avoid bothering them unless totally necessary as they are busy to the point of overstretched.
That said, they do try and get you moving ASAP to avoid DVT.

JenXG Tue 26-May-20 19:45:32

Hi, was wondering if anyone could share their c section experience recently, especially in Edinburgh or even Scotland as I know things might be a bit different from other areas.

I am due in July and booked in a c section at St Johns but there is very little information available on what's going to happen under current covid situation. I heard that visiting was not allowed so there wouldn't be any help from partner when staying at the postnatal ward.

I'm quite a bit nervous about this. I know the nurses/midwives/staff will help but there are things that don't feel quite right to ask IYSWIM....e.g the other day I was packing the hospital bag then realised I probably wouldn't be able to bend and find things from the bag after the op if the bag is placed on the floor. Normally you'd ask partner to grab the thing for you but it's not possible at the moment. Do you think it'll be a bit weird to ask the staff for things less 'medically necessary' like getting some hot water for tea or warming up bottled milk when not mobile, or picking up things that dropped on the floor (thinking even if you are mobile it could be very tricky to bend or kneel?)

Sorry if this seems to be overthinking things. I really don't know much about hospital or c section. I'll ask my midwife for the overall process but think your experience would be more practical.

Thanks xxx

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