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Labour during lockdown

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Megzmoo Sun 24-May-20 18:22:42

Hi guys,

I know there has probably been a few threads about this already!

But I was just wondering what labour has been like for anyone in the last few weeks? Are restrictions beginning to be eased at all in terms of how long birthing parents can stay with you etc?

Also what were your first labour signs? I'm 39 weeks today and have been having on/off period type pains during the evening for the past four or five days, could this be a sign??

Thanks smile

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Toosoontobe1 Sun 24-May-20 19:31:09

I think I lot of people that have given birth recently had had pretty much the same experience even though each district are doing there own thing.
If you think your in labour to ring first & if they ask you to go in to be checked or put in a monitor for you to go in alone, if you are kept in your partner can join when labour is established (I think that point is 4cm). Partner can stay until after birth but then once you & baby are to be moved to a ward they have to leave & only return once you are discharged.
I think that’s basically it.
I’m 39 weeks today too, is this your first?
This is my second & apart from some BH I haven’t had nothing else apart from been extremely tired today.
Good luck & I hope it’s the start for you

Megzmoo Sun 24-May-20 20:05:27

Thanks for the reply, yes it's our first, so super nervous/excited now! 😬 thinking/ hoping anything is a sign that things might be starting to happen! Good luck to you too! smile

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Maggie90 Sun 24-May-20 20:45:16

Had baby 6 weeks ago and the labour experience was lovely could only really tell the difference because partner had to leave after two hours and midwives had masks on.

But I think the fact that your baby is on the way, you wouldn’t care if you were in a field. It’s still very special regardless of lockdown.

Congratulations on baby.

Toosoontobe1 Sun 24-May-20 20:55:12

I know the feeling of looking out for any sign at all. I’m hoping to start feeling something by the next few days.
I think the hospital situation isn’t worth worrying about, we can’t change nothing & our babies have to come out hopefully soon.
I really don’t want to get to induction stage

Cheesewine Sun 24-May-20 21:15:39

39 + 1 today. Just wanted to join in haha. I'm just so glad you are still allowed a birthing partner. It's the knowing it's going to be soon but not knowing when that's killing me. I think everything is a sign that it's happening 😁. Good luck OP and everyone else in the same boat.

Whatelsecouldibecalled Mon 25-May-20 05:34:20

I had my baby 6 weeks ago. I was induced. DH dropped me off at hospital in Monday morning Pessary in at 11am. Entertained myself bounced on ball lots. Waters went at 1am Tuesday morning. Was in a tube labour by 1.30am. Phoned DH to come to labour room he was there about 2am. Baby was born at 6.30. I had to go to theatre after to be repaired from a 3rd degree tear. DH had baby. He stayed with us until we were moved to recjvery ward which was about 12pm Tuesday. Was discharged 5pm Wednesday. Staff were incredible at looking after us both. Good luck ladies

Megzmoo Mon 25-May-20 14:22:01

Keep me posted, on your labour signs, sounds like we are all due at the same time! I have a sweep booked for my due date, but am hoping things start off naturally beforehand 🤞

It's good to hear positive birth experience during this time! My husband said he's going to wait in the car until he's allowed to come in, could be a long time mind 😂

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Toosoontobe1 Mon 25-May-20 15:16:55

You keep us posted too grin
My midwife is refusing to do any sweeps/examinations which I think is rubbish as she has still been keeping up with appointments face to face.
I had 2 sweeps with my first I’m pretty certain the first helped me lose my plug so worth giving it a try.
Bless him it’s nice he wants to stay near by but I think your right he could be there a while haha

Megzmoo Mon 25-May-20 20:38:13

Aww really, my midwife said I can have a sweep every other day from my due date, 3 sweeps in total and if they don't work, il be booked in for induction.

Hopefully your little one comes naturally, do you know what your having? 🙂

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Toosoontobe1 Mon 25-May-20 22:00:16

She is a really lovely midwife but I feel she’s putting her wishes before mine as she wants me to go naturally & not even put me in for a induction once I reach 41 weeks but I would rather as there’s a reason they brought them forward from 42 weeks in my opinion.
I’ve been feeling pressure today a lot lower down & the tops of my legs aswel as BH but I’m not sure if it tightening.

I’m having a girl so going to have 1 of each this is my last it’s just a shame I haven’t been able to fully enjoy it due to the lock down. Do you know what your having or have you gone for surprise?

flissity Tue 26-May-20 07:15:38

Morning !

@Megzmoo I’m 40wks today!! It’s my third. My first 2 were 10 and 11 days late... the first had to be induced even after multiple sweeps and everything else that people try! My second came naturally on the 10th day overdue.

I won’t be having sweeps with this one, I had no idea with my first how little effect they have (midwife old me last week 1 in 7 success rate...)

In our hospital partner can come in once in established labour. Which is usually 4-5cm dilated. But I think really they are just judging people by how they seem!! As obviously a vagina examination is not mandatory lol. Personably hoping for a homebirth this time 🤞🏼

I’ve been having pains in the evenings too... it’s frustrating!! Braxton hicks but actually painful ones!! Yesterday they started up in the morning and I actually thought “This is It” but it slowly went away 👎🏼

Fingers crossed it’ll happen for you soon

Megzmoo Tue 26-May-20 19:31:25

Aww we are having a little girl too! 🥰 I know what you mean about on missing out on things, I had so many things planned for the beginning of my maternity leave which haven't been able to happen 😔 I just keep saying to people once things begin to return to normal we can have a big celebration with our families 🤞

Sounds promising about the pressure and pains 😬

@flissity i am really hoping my sweep works but have heard from many other people that they only help you loose your plug! You will have to keep us posted on the arrival of your little one, hopefully it will be soon 😊

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