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how to make this quicker!!! help quick

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lisad123 Wed 19-Sep-07 20:59:57

I have seen my MW today and been having contractions since last night.
Exam showed im 3cm, fully efaced (think thats the right word). Also had show.

I have been sent home, but told to come straight in once every 10mins or stronger as they need to monitor me the whole time
Im trying to speed things up a little bit as dont fancy sitting here all night grin
Im sitting on my ball watching friends and laughing hehehe. Any other hints would be welcome.
Midwife said sex isnt any use anymore as cervix is very thin and soft. Not that i could with SPD I want to move but again SPD makes walking hard.



PeckaRolloverAgain Wed 19-Sep-07 21:04:42

nipple stimulation

hunkermunker Wed 19-Sep-07 21:06:14, not sex, but a bit of...self-love?

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 21:07:24


what they said

just rest up and let your body do what it is doing........ you will sleep if you need it and wake up if labour starts in earnest.

eat, drink, go to the loo as you need to.

lisad123 Wed 19-Sep-07 21:07:37


lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 21:08:24

orgasm and nipple stim release oxytocin which stimulate and strenthen contractions.

syntocinon is the synthetic version you get in the drip when you are induced

lisad123 Wed 19-Sep-07 21:08:49

i thought about sleeping but worried as they want me in asap, and worried i wont realise how clsoe they are getting.

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 21:09:40

you will not sleep through full blown labour. you might well drop off though and wake up in full blown labour ! just potter around if you are anxious

MorocconOil Wed 19-Sep-07 21:10:45

Have a nice warm bath with lavender oil.

Watch a sad film. A friend swears that watching Princess DI's funeral got her going!

Good luck. It's very exciting.

lisad123 Wed 19-Sep-07 21:10:58

very odd question blush I feel like i need a poo, that normal right, not gonna cause any problems right?

yelnats Wed 19-Sep-07 21:11:34

I agree with lulumama - you most definately will not sleep through full blown labour! Good luck!

yelnats Wed 19-Sep-07 21:13:23

No as far as I know pooing is your body clearing out in advance. Mind you with dd2 I was in and out of the loo for ages and managed to go each time and I still managed to poo a little while I was at the pushing stage (sorry if TMI grin )

rantinghousewife Wed 19-Sep-07 21:15:51

Pooing is good, that way you won't have to have an enemae, sorry if that's tmi. If you can't walk try to keep moving on the ball, gently rocking etc.

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 21:18:34

you aren't given enemas anymore, as part of birth. needing a poo is good, emptying bowels and bladder will make descent of the baby's head easier
also if baby is moving down, the pressure makes oyu feel like you need a poo

sparklygothkat Wed 19-Sep-07 21:20:16

you can not sleep through full blown labour, believe me, I woke up in full labour with Dd1 and then she was born 2 hours later. You will have time to get to the hospital

lulumama Wed 19-Sep-07 21:21:13

am off to bed, all the best lisa, and remember, if it all dies off, don;t worry, it all helps and if this is it, then yay !


lisad123 Wed 19-Sep-07 21:22:12

thanks a lot ladies, think i might try to bath, i am guessing im ok with bubles as waters havent gone, just my show.
Will then try and rest. woo hoo cant wait to meet my little girl grin. I thought i would be scarced, but im just excited.

spugs Thu 20-Sep-07 14:42:29

stand up and walk about, worked for me, good luck grin

lisad123 Sat 22-Sep-07 20:53:54

just wanted to thank you all for advice. I ended up giving birthing on friday morning after 48 mins labour.
I did go in on early thursday morning and was kept in for a placental bled, lucky enough as my labour was very quick.
Thanks again, MN is a wonderful advice line

belgo Sat 22-Sep-07 21:02:53

congratulations lisad123- boy or girl?smile

Klaw Sat 22-Sep-07 21:24:35

Congratulations L!!!!!!

More details, please, when you have a minute.... grin

rantinghousewife Sat 22-Sep-07 21:27:05

Ohh, congratulations, that was

lisad123 Sun 23-Sep-07 20:36:48

Sorry yes, a little girl called Jasmine weighing 5lb 3oz.
I have some stitches but other than that we are both doing well

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 23-Sep-07 20:38:36

aww congratulations smile

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