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Confused and anxious re options/induction

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Satstar Thu 14-May-20 11:22:57

Hi , hope this is ok to post about this I just wanted some advice. I am 39 weeks exactly

Yesterday I went for a growth scan, all ok.

Afterwards had bp and urine sample tested, bp high and protein in urine sample. Dr then said I have preeclampsia and need to book me for a balloon induction on saturday. (Have been on aspirin every evening since 12 weeks). he also said if induction didn't work, i would HAVE to have a c section, no option for natural labour.

I questioned this as didnt particularly want to be induced but after he explained, I realised it must be the best and safest thing to do.

Then had a blood test and did a further sample to be sent for testing. Went along to day unit for a series of blood pressure checks. Some high, some stable so a real mixture. Midwife and dr unconcerned re blood pressure as I explained I was anxious and also more results were ok than weren't.

Midwife dipped another urine sample, no protein. The blood test came back all ok and the sample came back from testing, again no protein. So midwife said I dont have preeclampsia.

She said they want me back on Friday to do another bp check and urine check, if these are ok they can potentially delay or not do an induction. But she suggested I have a sweep anyway.

If my bp and urine are ok on Friday, would there be a medical need to do a sweep on friday, or any benefits? (Should have asked midwife this yesterday but she said it just before I went and at that stage had been there five hours and desp to.get home)

Assuming my urine sample is ok on friday, would slightly raised bp be a good enough reason for an induction?

I have a bp machine at home so going to take readings today, I feel it may be high again tomorrow as I will be nervous etc

Thanks for reading this long post. this is my first pregnancy so just wanted to see what everyone else thought. I am slightly concerned the doctor had diagnosed me as having preeclampsia and making a plan for that when actually I dont have it !


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dochas06 Thu 14-May-20 13:06:43

I was induced due to high BP at 40+6, I’d been given medication to manage it, however the consultant thought it was safer for me and baby to induce as the longer you go the higher your BP will get. I had no protein in my urine at any point.
had my waters broken at teatime (I’d had 3 sweeps prior to this) I started on an oxytocin drip just after midnight as I had made very little progress.

ByGrabtharsHammerWhatASavings Thu 14-May-20 13:49:32

No pre eclampsia fears involved, but my DS measured small in his growth scan and we were recommended to have an induction at 39 weeks. The induction failed and I too was told I had to have a c section. I read the Nice guidelines and saw that this was actually just one of several options, including trying a second induction at a later date. I told the doctor that I wanted to go home and be induced again when I was at term and that if the second induction failed then I would agree to a c section. She was a bit grumpy but said OK (not like she could have stopped me, its a hospital not a bloody prison!) Anyway, I had my next induction a week later and it worked. I still ended up needing an assisted delivery but no c section. The stupidest thing is that DS was over 7lb so not even small! Anyway, no doctor can tell you that you have to do anything so don't take that shit. Obviously yours and your baby's safety are paramount but your wishes should be centred as much as possible. Being a patient should not be a passive experience where you defer to your doctors orders, it's a relationship with you and your wishes at the centre. Anyway, look up the NICE guidelines for your situation and see what your options actually are. Inform yourself and be your own advocate.

Bert2020 Thu 14-May-20 13:53:22

I had PIH with my first, had induction which ended with forceps. The high BP can and did affect my little one which is why they go for section rather than wait if induction doesn’t work. Ask all the questions and write them down so when you meet you remember them.

Ginmonkey84 Thu 14-May-20 16:04:44

Your first port of call should be NICE guidelines. You absolutely do not need to have anything done. It is all entirely your choice. You must constebt to any procedure whether it be a cannula in your hand, a vaginal examination even so much as being on a monitor. If you do not have any issues then there is no need for induction. Read the clinical guideline reasons for inducing and they cannot induce without a clinical reason. Best of luck for tomorrow and arm yourself with the facts and write everything down that you want to ask questions about x

Ginmonkey84 Thu 14-May-20 16:06:36

And I don’t think a sweep can do very much unless your ready to go into labour anyway. I had 3 and it did nothing. Again something that is very personal and you should read up on x

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