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VBAC with induction- any success?

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JenDaw Fri 08-May-20 21:21:47

As in the title really- hoping for a VBAC but consultant has suggested that I may need to be induced due to reduced movements... I was happy to give it a go originally if it came to it (after discussion at my last consultant appointment), but the risks have been pushed towards me by another consultant this evening and feel like I'm being steered towards a possible 2nd CS. The recovery time and time spent in hospital was the clincher for my decision to try a VBAC in the first place. Anyone had success with induction and a VBAC? TIA smile

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GenXer Fri 08-May-20 21:24:49

I chose a VBAC with DC2 - unfortunately even with being induced I ended up having another CS due to the same reasons as DC1 - failure to dilate!
CS recovery was quicker 2nd time, though.

Sunshinegirl82 Fri 08-May-20 21:30:04

My consultant told me she wouldn’t induce me when we were talking about vbac v elcs due to the additional risks of uterine rupture. I opted for the elcs in the end but she explained to me that if I wanted to go for a VBAC she wouldn’t support an induction.

Serenity05 Sat 09-May-20 13:49:28

I did, just a few days ago!

I'd been really keen to have a VBAC all the way through my pregnancy because my c-section was so hard. I developed an infection so I had a prolonged stay in hospital, I was bed-ridden when I got home and it was weeks before I was fully mobile again.

I was induced at 37+2 for suspected IUGR. My consultant was the opposite of yours and favoured VBAC over ELCS as a vaginal birth would be better for the baby's lungs. This was a clincher for me because my son spent four days in NICU after my c-section due to breathing difficulties and I was desperate to avoid a repeat.

In my case, I'd had an EMCS for breech and my labour was very quick - around 3.5 hours from waters breaking to being 8cm. As my consultant said, I "laboured well" so she was confident induction wouldn't be a drawn out process for me, which can put strain on the scar. I have a four and a half year age gap between my children, so my scar would be well healed. She also examined my cervix at my last appointment and said it was very soft and "amenable".

I went into hospital on Monday afternoon to have a balloon inserted to open my cervix but when I got there I was already 2cm dilated, so I was just put straight onto the list for transfer to the delivery ward to have my waters broken. I was taken down on Tuesday morning, waters broken at about 11.30am, then I was put on an oxytocin drip at 2pm (I have a thread about that here: The dose on this was kept as low as possible. The baby's heart rate was constantly monitored throughout the labour in case of scar rupture. By 7.30pm I was fully dilated (well, I think I was fully dilated long before that, but that was when they examined me!), then I waited a couple of hours on the advice of the doctor to get the baby as low down as possible before I started pushing (I'd had an epidural by this point). I pushed for around 45 minutes in the end and my baby girl was born at 10.40pm, just over eleven hours after my waters were broken. She was small but perfect, healthy, breathing well, and we went home the following afternoon.

I'm so glad I went for the induction. It was an amazing experience and actually very healing after the trauma of my first birth. I got a second degree tear which is sore but nothing compared to the aftermath of a c-section.

Everyone is different though and your medical team will know your situation and history best. Did you go into labour with your first child? How close is your body to going into labour by itself this time? Best of luck with whatever you choose.

JenDaw Sat 09-May-20 15:32:17

Thanks all for your responses smile

That's really reassuring to hear that it went so well @Serenity05 - I'm desperate to avoid another CS... didn't recover well, multiple infections etc.

But also good to hear that recovery second time around might be easier should that happen regardless!

I didn't go into labour at all last time, we discovered DS was breech at my 40 week appointment, so had my CS two days later.

So this is all new to me really, despite already having a little one at home!

All picked up well overnight and this morning with movements, so I've been booked today for induction next weekend- following a conversation with yet another Dr (and via the Dr the Consultant)- who out my mind at ease somewhat.

Perhaps the advice last night was circumstantial and now that everything looks to be back on track it's different... who knows. Interesting to hear that some consultants are really against it though...

I just felt like the negatives were being pushed yesterday, opposed to anything else really- which hasn't been the case with any other medical professional I've spoken too. Any how... I have a plan!

Thanks for reaching out ladies smile

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Mummyme87 Wed 13-May-20 19:55:30

Really mixed views on IOL with a prev CS due to increased risk of rupture. My trust (where I am a midwife) induce VBACs, and I had one with propess pessary. Was successful and had a normal birth.. a few complications came along with it but i got the vaginal birth I wanted and I was happy

JenDaw Thu 14-May-20 19:14:15

Quick update- went into spontaneous labour following a sweep on Tuesday, baby born yesterday! Ended up with the hormone drip to move things along half way, and assisted birth in the end (due to baby's heartbeat dropping) but got the VBAC I wanted smile

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