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Can I request induction on due date?

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mamablondie2 Mon 04-May-20 20:49:14


I’m pregnant with my second baby and when I had DD1 she was 12 days late, over 9lbs and I suffered a 3rd degree tear.

My birth plan this time is to have epidural and a hands on birth to try and prevent a tear but I’m also wondering whether I could be induced to avoid baby gaining more weight than necessary? Especially as second babies are usually bigger/quicker. Just wondered has anyone ever requested induction before.

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LouiseTrees Mon 04-May-20 22:00:28

I didn’t request one but I did have one. One of the positives is that you are less likely to be “too far gone” for a epidural if you make it clear you want one from the start. Didn’t work that way for me as I was determined not to have one, then had a broken gas and air tank and asked for one but as labour had gone super quickly I was involuntarily pushing and couldn’t sit still so couldn’t have one.

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