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If you had induction 1st time, how fast was labour 2nd time?

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Mummsnett Mon 04-May-20 04:52:41

I've heard induction makes labour much quicker and more intense, so I'm wondering for those who had an induced labour first time and went naturally second time, how did it compare?

For my first I arrived at hospital for induction at 41+3 and was 3cm dilated, so they left me to progress for 24 hrs, by which time I reached 4cm. I was then put on the drip and baby was born 5 hours later, but I assume if I'd be left to continue naturally it wouldn't have been as quick. So not sure what to expect this time around if I go naturally!

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Mummsnett Mon 04-May-20 14:12:42

Bumping as I posted originally at ridiculous o'clock in the morning!

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India999 Mon 04-May-20 15:17:25

Not quite what you asked but I was induced and it took three full days (on the antenatal ward) before I was in established labour. Then it took 9 hours from then to get me to 10cms (on the drip and with epidural)... Then 2.5 hours pushing. So not so quick!

Ohdeariedear Mon 04-May-20 15:21:17

I was induced both times - first time took 12 hours for contractions to start, then 14 hours for baby to arrive.

Second time round took 12 hours to start contractions again but baby arrived 3hrs 15 later. Was tremendous because I was expecting it to take as long again - I can’t tell you the sense of relief that was fine and dusted so quickly🤣

Ohdeariedear Mon 04-May-20 15:21:59

Done and dusted, not fine and dusted!

Mummsnett Mon 04-May-20 19:14:32

Thanks both! Good to know your induction was faster second time @ohdeariedear

I'm wondering if a natural labour second time around would be alot slower than an induction?

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Hollywhiskey Tue 05-May-20 19:56:12

I was induced first time. Had the pessary, took 16 hours or something to get to established labour, which I mostly walked and slept through. Then from waters to baby was seven hours including an hour of pushing and a second degree tear.
Second baby labour started naturally at 40+5. Tjme from first twinge to established labour was probably similar. Waters went at 5cm ish then it was one hour until baby out including six minutes pushing, no damage done.

PurpleBag Tue 05-May-20 20:23:27

I was induced both times. First time I was already having mild contractions so they just gave me a pessary, no drip or anything. Was about 11 hours from pessary to baby in my arms.

Second time, only pessary again but nothing happened for 24 hours, once labour started, only 3 hours from first contraction to baby in arms.

Jsh125 Thu 07-May-20 02:14:04

I was induced first time. Straight onto the drip as waters had broken but labour not started for more than 24 hours. From going in to baby arriving was 14 hours in total.

Second time contractions started at 10.30pm & she was born in the pool at 4.15pm the following day.

Second was actually longer but a million times better!

EverythingNow Thu 07-May-20 09:45:13

I've been induced 3 out of 4 times.
1st, 42wks, 13hrs active labour (about 18 from pessary going in), delivered after pessary, drip etc. Baby was back to back and ventoused out. 3rd degree tear and episiotomy.
2nd spontaneous. From first contraction again it was about 18hrs but actual active labour was only 6hrs.
3rd induced at 42wks, waters broken and baby born 2hrs later.
4th induced at 40wks. Put on drip at 11pm, active labour from 2am, baby born 6am.

So all generally quicker and definitely easier than 1st.

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