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Discharge times

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bethter Mon 20-Apr-20 01:03:05

This is a long shot but has anyone given birth at BRI (Bradford royal infirmary) during the lockdown? I know their current rules on birth partners and visitors but would love some anecdotes on how long it took for you to be discharged? Both c section and normal delivery? Births with complications?
Would helpful to hear about discharge times from other hospitals too smile

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lockdownpregnancy Mon 20-Apr-20 19:21:41

We are Midlands based and my friend had an emergency C Section and she was in for 3 days afterwards, before they discharged her.
My cousin has her baby on Thursday last week. Her birth was natural and no problems. She had her baby in the morning and she was home by dinner time! Unfortunately her partner had to wait in the car for 5 hours after she went in and he was only allowed in when she went into the delivery suite. After baby arrived they made him leave!
Not very nice but at least she got to go home the same day!

bethter Mon 20-Apr-20 20:31:13

Thanks for replying smile do you know how long they let him stay before making him leave afterwards? @lockdownpregnancy

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lockdownpregnancy Mon 20-Apr-20 21:13:43

Pretty much straight away OP! He did get to hold his daughter for 5 minutes and that was it, before he was told to leave the hospital.
A bit said really!

HappyAsASandboy Tue 21-Apr-20 03:02:04

I had a baby 2.5 weeks ago, though not in Bradford.

Partners are allowed on labour ward at our hospital. So they can stay with you from when you go to labour ward until when you leave.

For me, that meant DH came to labour ward with me in the morning if my planned CS and was allowed to stay until I was moved from labour ward to postnatal. That was about 3 hours after DS was born. There were no visitors allowed on postnatal ward, so I then didn't see him until discharge 2 days/nights later.

One positive for me was that postnatal ward was very quiet and I had a bay to myself for almost all of my stay. I am concerned that this may have been because other mothers were choosing early discharge rather than postnatal ward, but for me personally it made my stay on postnatal feel safer.

Good luck thanks

bethter Tue 21-Apr-20 12:16:16

Thank you both! So sad he had to leave 5 minutes after the birth, bless him. @HappyAsASandboy yes most are saying it took a few hours to be admitted which let dad have a bit of time with baby. A quiet ward is defo a positive though, thank you ☺️

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