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Anxious about giving birth soon

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AvaP Fri 17-Apr-20 18:00:49

Hi everyone, is anyone else due to give birth any day? I'm feeling so anxious as we're due in 6 days. I hope everyone is keeping well and safe during this time xxx

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Emmaaa1990 Fri 17-Apr-20 22:45:13


I'm due in just over 2 weeks & feel anxious too! I think it's been made worse due to all the drama going on! I'm trying to stay as calm as possible it's just difficult isn't it?

In a way I'm hoping my baby comes abit later as I'm hoping things may calm down abit more! Is it your first?

Coastercat Sat 18-Apr-20 04:27:29

I am due to have an elective in a week with my 3rd child. I was in for a growth scan last week. The maternity department of my local hospital was ridiculously quiet. Just a few mums who like me were clearly taking the social distancing v seriously and a lot of sympathetic staff. It made me actually look forward to it. I think the drama will make for very quiet labour and recovery with lots of staff, and yes it’s a shame my husband can’t be on the post natal Ward with me after the section but the ward will also be free from other people’s husbands, and guests, and all the stress that brings. Try to relax.

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